vandri lake

Vandri Lake: Road-tripping to this offbeat place near Mumbai!

There is so much to explore in this beautiful world that sometimes we just forget to explore our own surroundings first. One such secluded spot located very near to Mumbai is the Vandri Lake. As this place is not there on the tourist radars, you will hardly find anyone (other than the villagers) near to this lake. The vandri lake has a beautiful backdrop of mountains and is covered with greenery all around. Going to this lake was totally unplanned, this road trip just happened. How? Read on to find out 

One Sunday, Mohit suddenly told me let’s go somewhere for a day. I just asked him what time to meet without getting into any more details. Road trips with Mohit is nothing new for me, We had once gone road tripping to Kelve beach in Palghar. So on this day, initially, we were just going for a ride on the Mumbai – Ahmadabad Highway i.e NH 48 Highway. After the road trip started, I suddenly remembered about Vandri lake as I was once wishing to go explore it some months ago.  After that we headed straight to the lake.

Vandri lake

It was sunny with blazing heat but we were quite determined to reach this spot without backing out. Finally we reached the place and spent around 2 hours in the sun. The lake was quite serene & tranquil as there was no one except for the villagers nearby. It is definitely a perfect spot for camping but during the summers the temperatures were too high. Mohit really wanted to go swimming in the lake but we were unaware as to how deep this lake would be. We were having so much fun exploring Vandri lake, that even the heat couldn’t stop us. After spending quite sometime there we headed back home with wonderful memories.

vandri lake


If bringing you own vehicle then you need to go on the NH 48 highway till Saphale. The location of this lake is available on Google Maps, which will lead you to the exact spot. The time taken to reach will be 1.5 hours once you cross the borders of Mumbai. 

If coming by the local train, Saphale will be the nearest railway station from where you can take local transport to reach this lake. It takes about 30-45 mins to reach the lake.

vandri lake

  • The best time to visit would be during the rainy season.
  • Make sure to carry your own food & water as there are no shops around.
  • Please do not dirty the lake by littering in it.
  • If you visit during any other season, make sure to carry a cap with you.
  • It is a great spot for camping.

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    1. Yes, local transport is available outside Saphale railway station and from there the lake is just half an hour away.

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