Lisbon travel guide

Lisbon travel guide for first time visitors

The first city to come in a person's mind on hearing Portugal is it's capital city Lisbon. This charismatic city comprises of seven picture perfect hills overlooking the lovely River Tejo coupled with colourful buildings, stunning murals, cobble stone roads and magnificent historic sights scattered across the length & breadth of Lisbon. Situated on the south of the country’s west coast,...
Ponta de Piedade

Top destinations in the Algarve you cannot miss!

You won't be able to get away once you set your foot in the Algarve. As I write about this mesmerising southern coast i.e. Algarve coast of Portugal, I can't help but remember my entire time in one of the most beautiful region of the world. The scenic fishing villages, charming stretches of beaches, mouth-watering sea food and of course the pleasant climate was nothing more than a dream come...
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