Luxembourg travel guide: Experiencing this little European country!

Have you heard about Luxembourg before? I’m sure many of you haven’t as it usually does not top the list of countries to be visited. Many people simply pass through this small European country to either go to France, Germany or Belgium as these are the bordering nations with Luxembourg. But let me tell you, Luxembourg although small in size, has a lot to offer to it’s visitors in terms of natural beauty and history. I went solo to explore this tiny country and I found out so many things about Luxembourg that I had to make a Luxembourg travel guide to share it with all of you. So the next time you are in Europe you may want to take a detour and explore something new.

NOTE: Before I begin with my Luxembourg travel guide, I would like to mention here that Luxembourg is a very tiny country in itself and it doesn’t take more than a weekend to explore.

luxembourg travel guide


Luxembourg is one of the richest country in Europe and due to it’s small size most of the places to visit are located either in front of each other or right next to each other. Basically one can walk almost everywhere. Here are some of the places to explore as per the Luxembourg travel guide:

1) The Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal palace is the most visited spot in Luxembourg. It is where the Grand duke of Luxembourg resides even today and also performs most of his official duties. You can see the guards marching in the premises. It’s definitely an interesting sight and needs to be visited to admire the architecture. The guards parading and protecting the building is surely worth watching.

2)  Pétrusse Valley

This is a very beautiful valley having a little toy train which takes you through the valley while giving the historical background about Luxembourg & about Petrusse. The valley is marvelous & there are several restaurants inside to enjoy a great meal. For the same, one needs to make an early reservation. 

3) Chemin de la Corniche

This place is definitely the highlight of the entire Luxembourg journey. It is also said to be the most beautiful balcony of Europe from where one can see the entire city, both historical & modern. Some of the houses that can be seen from the balcony are more than 300 years old. All the postcards, Luxembourg travel guides & tourist map usually has the picture from this balcony. Hence, one can experience a perfect blend of modern as well as ancient architecture right from this amazing spot!

4) Grund district

Chemin de la Corniche lies within the Grund district. Other than that the grund district is a very nice neighborhood for cafes and restaurants consisting of a tiny village and old historical buildings. It is a great neighborhood for walking and getting to know Luxembourg even better.

5) Kirchberg district

This district consists of all modern buildings and offices. If you wish to marvel at the modern architecture this city offers then you need to go here.

6) Clausen district

This district was an old factory/industrial area which has been revamped and renovated to be a cool and happening place with all restaurants, bars and cafes. It usually caters to all the visitors visiting Luxembourg and is a great place to just relax after a long day in the city. Clausen district is where you should be if you want to experience the nightlife of Luxembourg.

7) Castle of Vianden

If you have any extra time left then head to Vianden to explore the castle which is located on a hilltop overlooking beautiful village & greenery. You can also take a cable car to experience the magnificent views this place has to offer.

luxembourg travel guide


BY TRAIN: Luxembourg has several high speed trains from all major cities like Paris, Brussels etc, arriving at it’s main train station. These trains are high speed trains and hardly take an hour or two to reach this city. As the train station is located in the city center, it is quite convenient to walk from the train station to all the main places in the Luxembourg city. It is the most convenient and fastest option if you are travelling through Europe. 

NOTE: The train station provides the option of storing your luggage for a minimal cost. It is quite safe & convenient.

BY AIR: Findel Airport is the only airport which connects to all the countries within and outside Europe. Right outside the airport one can find buses going to the city center. You need to catch bus no. 16 or 29 which heads to Gare Central which means the city center. It hardly takes 20-30 minutes for the bus to reach at the city center from Findel Airport.

BY ROAD: Luxembourg has an excellent road network. Regular buses ply  between all major towns. Eurolines is the main international bus service. However, there are many others as well. Not just that, there are many ways to commute inside Luxembourg. They have local buses, rails that take you from one location to another. Mostly, you will not need any transport to experience the main highlights as all of them are just walking distance away. Local buses are only useful if one wishes to explore luxembourg outside the main city.

Luxembourg travel guide


As accommodation is expensive in this country, the hotels are a bit pricey. If you have decided to stay for a weekend then I would recommend Hotel Pax which is centrally located.

For more options you can click on the link, choose and book here: Accommodation options in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg although tiny in size, is quite expensive when it comes to accommodation charges. As this country is usually not on the radar of most of the travelers as mentioned above, there is just one hostel as of now which caters to the budget and the backpacking crowd. This hostel needs earliest reservation as it gets fully booked weeks in advance. Apart from that, rest are all mid-range to luxurious hotels. As said above, one doesn’t need more than a day to explore the highlights of this country, people wishing to explore just the highlights can simply come to Luxembourg on a day trip from nearby cities & can completely skip the accommodation charges.


Food outside is mid-ranged. Considering the fact that there is just one hostel & plenty hotels to stay in Luxembourg, visitors have no option but to spend outside in restaurants which can usually increase the overall cost of a meal. Hence, if you are coming here on a day trip it is always convenient to prepare & bring your own meal for the day or buy snacks in the supermarket to decrease the overall cost. The cost in any restaurant can start anywhere from $10 – $20 (Rs 700- Rs. 1400).


The best way to travel within Luxembourg is to walk. Public transport is available but is not required as all the sights are located within walking distance from each other. Also, this is the part where one can save a lot of money. All you need is good shoes to walk & you are good to go!


There are plenty of things to do here some of which I have already mentioned above. Most of the places doesn’t require you to pay any entrance charges. The entire country is more about nature and bridges which is free of cost. Therefore, you need to pay only to enter the museums and also if you take any other tours. Hence, you can end up saving money on the activities as well.


This is a great place to explore over a weekend and tick one more country off your bucket list. This Luxembourg travel guide will help you explore this city. It is quite easy to find the way around the city and find out all the spots to explore.

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