Hello! Welcome to tanderlust travel blog. Well About me? Is this your first visit to this blog? Where have you been all this long? Let me tell you, there’s a lot of interesting stories from the road that you got to sit back & read. But it’s alright, you can start now from knowing more about me, we all have to begin somewhere. Am I right?

about Tanderlust


Let me begin by telling you a little more about myself. My name is Tanvi Nadkarni and by nationality I’m an Indian, but I prefer to call myself a global citizen.. Travel is my passion and It is almost always on my mind. You can say that I was born with a travel gene. There are a lot of things in my wish list and this is just the beginning of my extraordinary life. 

About My Style of Travelling:

I’m on a mission to explore the world. I’m not a country hopper; I prefer to stay at one place for long time, observe people, be friend with locals, engage myself into various unique activities, experience the different culture and obviously have a suitcase full of priceless memories and tans while going back. Basically slow & budget travel is my idea and style of travelling and that has taught me many things which I couldn’t have ever learned from any textbook ever written.


I’m a bit of Everything. I love visiting the offbeat locations as well as the main attractions. I love to sit by the beach and chill but also love adventure activities. And I’m always up for trying out variety of cuisines. And I marvel at the man-made wonders & also at the same time love living amidst the nature.

What is Tanderlust?

Tanderlust means Tanvi + Wanderlust or well you can also put it as tans + wanderlust. Either way, it works for me 😉

Tanderlust is my travel blog and YouTube channel where you will find narration of all my experiences, encountered challenges, must do’s, beautiful pictures, important information, tips and tricks and many more things. so let’s travel?

Work with me?

I’m always on a lookout for opportunities to work in the travel industry. I curate content on my blog, click those surreal pictures of every place & also love, making YouTube videos. You can contact me here

You have only one life, how do you wish to spend it? Do share your thoughts with me! And thanks for patiently reading 🙂