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Travel Rapid Fire Questions to intensify *THE FUN FACTOR* in your adventures

While traveling anywhere in the world, many of us have often come across situations where we have met other travelers or just people and thought of asking him/her about their travel related experiences but only ended up asking the general questions like, ‘Hey, Where you are from?’ or ‘Where you are going next?’. I don’t know about you but while traveling, I have at times faced this situation where asking a fellow traveler about their travel related experiences is no less than horror. I want to learn but then I am also nervous to go up to him/her and ask anything. Hence, to ease things out a bit and to go deep into travel talking, I have listed out a set of questions that one can ask any one from whom you wish to learn more about travel (it can be a friend, a fellow traveler, a stranger or maybe even the PM of India 😛 ) and a the same time it is fun & not creepy. Also remember, these are rapid fire questions and needs to be answered promptly:

  • Name 2 languages that you cannot speak but you wish to learn?
  • What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word *TRAVEL*?
  • What is that one thing that you have eaten anywhere that you have liked or disliked?
  • Tell me those 3 things that you always buy for your collection no matter which country you go.
  • How do you prefer traveling? Solo, with friends & family or in a travel group?
  • Would you trek on the mountains or sunbathe on the beach?
  • How often in a year do you travel?
  • What would you do in the following situations (here you can add your own situations) :
  1. If you were stranded on an deserted island with your favorite celebrity? OR
  2. If your favorite celebrity asked you to  go on a world tour with him?
  3. If you desperately want to travel but your boss is not sanctioning your leave?
  4. If you woke up one day to find out that you have missed your flight?
  5. If your parents ask you to stop traveling?
  • What all things have you struck off from your bucket list if you have one?
  • Name some of your favorite cities/countries.
  • How has traveling changed your life?
  • What kind of a traveler are you? are you into adventure, culture or nightlife etc?
  • Have you ever been sponsored for your travels?
  • Did you ever visit *name your country of origin*? If yes, what did you liked/disliked?
  • Men/Women of which country do you think are really good looking?
  • How would you rate yourself as a traveler on a scale of 1-10? (1 being the lowest & 10 being the highest)

You can obviously add your own questions but here are some ideas that will help you to add a fun factor in your adventures.

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