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Offbeat Getaways from Valencia you will be surprised to know!

Offbeat Getaways from different cities have always been the best part of any exploration. It is in these small places where one gets to learn more about the culture and the heritage of any country. So here I have jotted down some of the offbeat places one can go to from Valencia and come to the city back in a day or two: 

El Palmar

Not known to many people but yes the birth place of the Paella is one of the offbeat getaways very close to Valencia. This place can actually be clubbed with the next place i.e. El Saler as both of them do not require more than half a day each to go and explore. 

La Paella

El Saler

El Saler is a completely laid back beach town located quite near from El Palmar. As this beach is completely outside the main city of Valencia, you will see only a handful of people sunbathing. Some of the cafes are lined up on the beach for everyone to relax and enjoy their time there. Also, the best part? The bus which goes to El Palmar also halts at El Saler. 

El saler

 Castillo de Xátiva

Castillo means castle in English. This Castle is located to the south of Valencia at a distance of 1 hour by train. One needs to board a train from Valencia’s Estacion Del Nord to Xativa station from where it is quite easy to reach the castle by walking. The Castle opens its door at 10 in the morning and that is the best time to explore it as you can have all of it for yourself. And the best part? If you are a student, you get discount on the ticket price by showing your identity cards. 

Castillo Xativa


“Oo Aa, Take The World And Paint It Red
Oo Aa, Paint It Red”

Yes, this has become the most popular Spanish town in India since La Tomatina festival was shot in one of the Bollywood Films. Buñol attracts lot of people from all over the world especially in August when the festival takes place. Needless to say, La Tomatina is one of the messiest festival. This city is quite near to Valencia and people often spend overnight in Valencia and go over to Buñol for the festival early morning. 

Las Chorreras

Do you love to chase waterfalls and also take a dip in it? Then you should totally explore Las Chorreras. It  is a natural preserve waterfall in the rugged mountains of Spain. It is the best place for a swim especially during the summers. This is a hidden gem in the province of Cuenca and can only be reached by roadways. The entry to this waterfall is free and also parking is available for the car.

las chorreras waterfall


If you are into nightlife then this is where you should be. It is where the world parties. Initially, a small fishing village located to the south of Valencia has now grown to be a huge party destination for youngsters & tourists. This town is quite near to Alicante and can usually be clubbed with it. However, it will take you more than a day to go to both these places combined. There are plenty of buses leaving the Valencia bus station for Benidorm and that is the best way to reach this place in 1.5 hours. So let your hair down & dance away!



Another beach town located very close to Benidorm, is a great place to enjoy sunbathing as well as explore more about the history of Spain. Alicante holds plethora of hidden spots and stories of the wars and other historical events. Besides, the architectural beauty in this city right from the olden times is something worth marveling about. Plenty of trains & buses ply from Valencia bus station to Alicante frequently.


Castillo De Sagunto

As the name suggests, Castle of Sagunto is the remains of a historical fortress located to the North of Valencia in a small town known as Sagunto. This monument has Roman as well as medieval remains dating back to around 2000 years ago. This Castle is one of the national monument providing a view of the entire town of Sagunto. The entrance to this monument is free and the timings are 10.00 – 19.00 everyday with Tuesdays being closed and Sundays being half day i.e from 10.00 – 14.00.

So which places have you already been to/do you plan on visiting? Let me know below in the comments

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offbeat places from Valencia

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