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Revenge Travel: Why it would become a fad!

Someone has said “When something good happens, travel to celebrate. If something bad happens, travel to forget it. If nothing happens, travel to make something happen.” such a positive travel quote but in the current trying scenario this positive travel quote is absolutely nonsensical. In fact people are currently running away from the very term ‘positive’ and all of us are restrained from moving outside at the moment within and outside India. Needless to say why! You guessed it right, it’s due to the dominant contagion Covid-19 and its new upcoming variants that plainly refuses to leave our lives.

New day brings new restrictions and rules that discourages us to move outside our houses or partly allowing us to move outside just to buy the essentials. It has started to feel like we are quarantined in our respective house since forever now with barely anything to do. Almost everything outside is still shut leaving humankind sitting at home puzzled with the question regarding improvement in these trying situation. But, with ongoing successful vaccination drives, mandatory vaccination certificates etc. it seems like precautious travel would commence soon. What could happen once the travel restrictions are lifted?

Revenge travel

The answer is pretty simple – People might crave to travel more often after the restrictions are lifted. Perhaps I should say ‘Revenge’ Travel seems to be on the cards. Wait what! Revenge Travel? Travelling surely is adventurous and fun but one might think since when did it become vengeful and vindictive? Although the term sounds dangerous but ‘Revenge Travel’ simply means humankind adding plethora of destinations to their bucket list and splurging even more than they did earlier ‘when this is all over’.

In other words, cancelled trips and pent-up anger, anxiety and frustration from sitting at home day and night would finally break through in terms of extra weekend trips, luxury vacations and increased enthusiasm for holidays than what used to be the case earlier. Revenge travel would be a hot trend once the second wave settles especially because its been two years in a row that we have hardly been anywhere.


This concept commenced way back in the year 1980s in our neighborhood country of China where ‘reverse spending’ had become a rage. The customers flocked to the nearby stores and shops in high levels as a response to years of suppressed demands caused by the Cultural Revolution. As they say history repeats itself, a similar situation occurred in China when consumers headed to the stores and markets once the coronavirus lockdown ended just for beating back the quarantine blues.


Not just that even experts have confirmed this theory in their published reports. Mckinsey report says that nearing the end of lockdown, the first thing people would want to do is eat out, and the second thing is travel. They say that their consumer-sentiment survey supports this finding: confidence in the safety of domestic travel by car, even over distances of more than three hours, is high.

According to a report by the US-based HVS Global Hospitality Services and Indian real estate research firm ANAROCK, “Domestic tourists will be major demand drivers. ‘Revenge’ travel witnessed in China could foster among Indians too.,” said the report. Another interesting thing mentioned in the ANAROCK report, “Upscale/Luxury Leisure and Branded Economy/Mid-market business hotels are expected to lead the recovery growth in the sector.”


Revenge Travel seems more like a volcano that shall erupt among the people soon after the end of the lockdown. Travel could be a part of this major volcanic eruption that too with great force. but more importantly will you be interested to be a part of his huge fad? Let me know in the comments below.

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