e-pass in maharashtra

E-pass in Maharashtra essential for inter-district travel. How to get it?

The Maharashtra government extended the ongoing lockdown till 15th June 2021 but due to decline in positive corona cases they have announced certain relaxations including re-introduction of inter-district travel. Those who wish to travel outside their district can now do so provided they have a valid E-pass in Maharashtra.

Who can apply for an E-pass in Maharashtra?

As per the current rules E-pass in Maharashtra can be obtained only by the following category of people:

– Employees of the banking sector, export industries, security personnel, IT professionals and people employed with broadcasting or cable networks will be allowed to travel with an e-pass.

–  Residents travelling outside their districts for emergency reasons such as extreme medical emergencies, the death of a first relative, marriage ceremonies and such other reasons.

As per the current rules following people are exempted from carrying an E-pass in Maharashtra:

– Delivery personnel of e-commerce platforms (essential and non-essential goods), restaurants, and any individual employed in area of transportation and operation of essential services will not be required to carry an e-pass.

– Furthermore, government officials travelling for official purposes and those involved in emergency services are exempted from carrying an E-pass.

e-pass in maharashtra

Steps to obtain an E-pass in Maharashtra:

  • Go to the official e-pass portal and click on the tab that says ‘apply for a pass here’.
  • On the next page, mention all the relevant details in the respective tabs.
  • Submit the necessary documents. (more on that below)
  • Mention the reason for your extreme emergency travel.
  • Combine all the relevant documents in a single file while uploading.
  • Upon submission of the application, you will receive a token ID. Save it, and use it to check the status of your application.
  • After the verification and approval by the concerned departments, you can download the e-pass using the token ID.
  • The e-pass will contain your details, vehicle number, validity and a QR code.

The e-pass will contain your details, vehicle number, validity, and a QR code. Keep a soft or hard copy with you while travelling and show it to the police when asked.

  1. It is a punishable offense to copy, misuse or use the E-pass after the valid date or without authorization
  2. The size of the photo should not exceed 200 KB and the size of the relevant document should not exceed 1 MB.
  3. The application form should be filled in English only.

What documents are required along with the application?

  • A valid Government identity proof.
  • Medical fitness certificate.
  • Wedding cards or related documents for marriage.
  • Medical report of persons travelling for medical emergency
  • Death certificate in the case of death.
  • Any other document showing other emergency as required.

Please note that the special police cells have been formed to approve the online E-passes and process it at the earliest and latest by one day prior to the travel date. Those who do not have access to online e-pass system, can visit the nearest police station to procure it. The personnel at the police station will help in filling the form and issue the e-pass.

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