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5 reasons why we love the Mumbai local trains

When you ask any Mumbaikar about the Mumbai local trains, the first thought/statement that always comes into our mind is, how these trains are considered to be the lifeline of the city of Mumbai. It won’t be wrong to say that all these years, the city of Mumbai would not be called as the financial capital had it not been to these trains. These local trains carry 7-8 million passengers throughout the day right from people’s home to their offices, colleges or anywhere else they wish to go. There is some feeling of comfortableness in the uncomfortable and that is why traveling in these trains is an experience in itself. Also, did I say that it’s the best place to witness the fast life of the city? Well, yes!

Although, the concept of trains/metro are spread out in all parts of the world with some of them being highly developed and equipped. Even then it’s all about the feel of the journey that one gets in the Mumbai local trains which makes the entire experience stand out. If you don’t believe me then you’d be happy to know that several documentaries have been released showing the railway and the lives of those who work to keep it running (For ref: Documentary released by the UK TV) . So let’s find out why everyone loves these Mumbai local trains:

 Keeps the city of Mumbai on its feet

Ask anyone in Mumbai, What would happen if the train comes to a halt even for a day? and all they would answer is that the city would stop functioning completely. It would be declared as a public holiday in offices. Hence, be it heavy rains or water clogging, the trains may run a bit late but they do run. Only during the unseen circumstances like floods, there were times when the trains were stopped for few hours which obviously didn’t go down well with the Mumbaikars.

Everyone is equal in the Mumbai local trains

The local trains are the common mode of transport for the poor as well as the rich people. When one enters these trains, one has to be able to travel with people from all backgrounds, from all classes and from all religions. The Mumbai local trains is a perfect example of unity among the people belonging to different cast, creed, race and religion.

Best way to explore

Are you on a tight budget and yet wish to explore one of the expensive city of India? Enter Mumbai local trains for the rescue. With costs starting from Rs. 5 between two stations, it’s the most economical way to explore Mumbai especially for budget travelers. The Government has recently come up with AC locals for those who wish to beat the heat of this city on a budget and don’t mind to pay a little extra for the same. No matter which train you take, whether AC or Non-AC, both these locals ply on the same route and hence without any doubt they are the best way to explore the entire city.

Train friends

Yes you read that right “Train friends”. How this friendship is formed? It’s quite simple & regular train travelers will agree. Each & every day a group of people catch the same train which starts at the same time and hence they eventually end up becoming friends. This kind of friendship is usually popular among the office goers. Isn’t this a great way to make new friends? Not only that, technology has a played a vital role with plenty of Whats App groups coming up, strengthening this bond even further.


Right from shoes to jewelry to cosmetics to clothes to fruits & vegetables, one can shop right inside the train at affordable prices. And if you think that only the females get this chance then well you’re wrong. They sell lot’s of different men related stuff too in the men’s compartment like watches, wallets, clothes, stationery and many other stuff. 

Here’s an attached map for reference:

Mumbai local train map

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