The Mahadev Homestay, Mandangad, Maharashtra

Located in a tranquil area of Tulshi Gaon, Mandangad, the mahadev homestay is a short drive away from the main market where it’s all noisy and crowded. It is really convenient to arrive if you have your own personal vehicle as the place is located on a small hill outside the main village.  The home-stay is set amidst one of the prettiest location in Mandangad with one side covered with alluring view of the dam and the rest of the 3 sides covered with beautiful backdrop of Sahyadri ranges and forests. This exclusive and private bungalow has now opened its door to tourists, travelers, families or simply a group of friends to stay and have a truly offbeat experience in a truly offbeat village.

Built on 23rd May 2013 , Mahadev homestay has two bedrooms & bathrooms, one living room, kitchen and one large terrace. Not only that this home-stay contains beautifully landscaped garden and manicured farm. The garden is a lovely place to unwind with a view that will forever be cherished (especially the view of the sunset & sunrise can be easily seen from this property). The hosts have planted several fruits and vegetables in their farm like papaya, watermelon, mango etc. and one can often get a chance to eat farm fresh fruits on request & availability. Also, parking is also available for up to 4-5 cars.

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I stayed at the farmhouse during the new years and it was one of the best stays for me as it was away from the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life. This place was fairly easy to locate as it overlooks the beautiful dam of Mandangad. On arrival we were greeted by the caretaker of the bungalow, who is like a family member of the host’s and is fondly called as ‘mama’. He was kind enough to prepare dinner for all 15 of us as we all were very tired from the long journey from Mumbai to Mandangad. Mama also showed us around the farms and gave us papaya & tea leaves from the farm as a souvenir. He is a very helpful & enthusiastic man & loves clicking photos.

Mahadev homestay

Although two bedrooms but there were plenty of beds, pillows and bed-sheets for everyone to sleep comfortably and peacefully. Every morning the farm animals and the birds would wake some of us up with their sweet and different voices. The rest of them just never woke up to such nature’s alarm 😛

During the night it got completely dark and spooky to even venture out as there are no street lights nor any shops around the house, which ultimately added to the fun. There were bonfire nights as well. For food we drove down to the main market which is just 10-15 minutes away from the property.

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The highlight

The highlight of the entire trip was the mandangad dam which is right in front of the home-stay. We visited the dam and captured the beautiful sunset from there. Apart from the dam, some of us also went to the nearby beach to enjoyed the sound of the waves. All in all it was a great stay for me, away from the maddening crowd and amidst the calm nature. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

sunset from mandangad dam


There are plenty of things to do in and around Mandangad, some of them are:

Mandangad Fort: Visit the fort which was built in the 12th century. It was mainly built to protect the trade route through Savitri river. A Ganapati Temple and two ponds are present inside the fort. This tank is known as “Thorla Talao” (Big Lake).

Beaches:  There are lots of beaches one can visit around this area like velas, murud, harnai, kelshi etc.

Bankot Fort: If visiting velas beach, then visiting this fort will be the right choice as it’s located nearby from velas. This fort, along with mandangad fort was built to protect the trade route through savitri river. This fort is not that huge and there’s absolutely no climbing. Also, one gets a great view of the entire town from this fort.

Mandangad dam: If you’re looking for a great spot with absolutely no one then this is where you should visit. Also, it’s located right outside Mahadev homestay and is a great location for a photo-shoot as well as a sunset.

Temples:  Shri uttareshwar temple, Radha Krishna temple, Shri Kshetrapal temple etc are some of the temples one can find around this area.

Bird-watching: Given the abundance of Flora & Fauna in this are there are plenty of opportunities to spot birds from different species especially near the dam where to come often to drink water.

Trekking: Covered by sahyadri ranges on all the sides, one can find lots of trekking, hiking opportunities. However, it’s better to know a local who can take you around these hikes as hiking alone in an unknown area can at times be dangerous.

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The best way to reach mahadev homestay is by self-driving vehicle.  Mandangad is a junction where all the ST buses coming from Mumbai/ Thane/ Pune etc. and going to Kolhapur, Miraj, Khed, Dapoli, Bankot, Palekond, Kelshi, Mhapral, Mahad Velas etc. halt.

The nearest railway station is Karanjadi – 27 km. Veer – 35 km. Mangaon – 45 km Khed – 50 km.

The nearest airport is Lohagaon, Pune – 107 km. Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai – 144 km. Kolhapur – 208 km.

CONTACT INFO:  Mr. Deepak Sakpal: +91 9220226848/ 9820287631




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13 thoughts on “The Mahadev Homestay, Mandangad, Maharashtra

  1. The farmhouse looks pretty big. It’s also cool that he prepared dinner for all 15 of you so you didn’t have to go out, very kind indeed!

  2. Oh I miss waking up to the sounds of birds and animals – living in a city is just not the same!! This sounds like a wonderful experience!

  3. Looks like a nice quaint place to spend a lazy weekend. I think we can explore this from Goa as well. Kolhapur is midway between Mumbai and Goa.

  4. Looks like you all had lots of fun there. These are the places one needs to go every now & then , to escape the city life.
    How many rooms do thy have in all? And what’s the tariff?

  5. What a tranquil and unique experience! It looks like you were completely immersed in the local culture. I love these types of off-the-beaten path stays where it’s more about experiencing the region like a local.

  6. We really want to visit India, this looks a great place to experience the country. Although we’re not too sure about the animal alarm clock. We recently stayed in a farmhouse in Wales and had a cockerel wake us at 6.30 every morning.

  7. It sounds like the perfect retreat! I enjoy city life for a couple of days, but then usually try to retreat away somewhere more relaxed and private, where you can really enjoy the countryside of a place. Your homestay sounds amazing, and what generous hosts to have prepared dinner for 15 of you on the first day! Sunset over the dam looks like the perfect way to end a full day of exciting sightseeing – it sounds like there’s a lot to do in the surrounds. Thanks for the review – noted when we manage a trip here!

  8. Hii tanvi,

    Good to see a review on this off beat place which offers so many activity options. We can plan to stay there during our next road trip to Goa. Could you give some details on tariff too?

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