9 reasons why it’s a life changing experience to learn foreign language abroad!

To learn foreign language abroad is always a great way to experience something totally different from normal traveling. It gives the student an opportunity to broaden our own perspective and at the same time the exposure you get is life changing.  I can say this from my own experience today as I have had this opportunity to learn a foreign language abroad.

Few months ago, I went to Spain to learn Spanish in a language school. I was there for a period of 6 weeks  which completely helped me to grow as a traveler and also as a student. It helped me learn so many things outside the normal grammar and vocabulary that I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I experienced so many different things during the entire tenure that I couldn’t stay away from sharing it with you all. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn foreign language abroad too:

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1) Locals will instantly like you

Just like we appreciate any outsider learning our language similarly, outsiders also appreciate when people from different nationality makes an effort to learn their language. There will be times when speaking to the locals, you may use wrong grammar or use a wrong word but they do appreciate the overall pain you take to learn their language. Learning any new language takes time, and that is something everyone knows. Hence, when it comes to bonding with the locals, effort to learn their language goes a long way than the language itself. After-all who doesn’t appreciate effort?

2) You will learn foreign language abroad faster

When everyone around you is speaking the language that you are learning, sub-consciously you try to listen to their talks and pick up some new words. This is a normal human tendency and it is something that even I often do. That is how we all have learned to speak our mother-tongue as well. It is exactly the same when you learn foreign language abroad. In an another country, we find people speaking in their mother tongue, which at start will be hard to grasp but as time passes by we get accustomed to the accent & the words. This helps us to learn the language faster.

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3) You can easily make new friends

Yes that’s right! Making friends will be quite easy, not just in your language school but also while you travel to different cities in that country. Locals will like to be friends with you if you can speak their language or at least make an effort to learn it. You obviously would like to know more about a foreigner who is trying to learn your language. This will give you plenty of new friends in the country. While travelling solo in Spain, I made so many new friends of different age groups only because I could speak their language. This has helped me to listen to their life stories in Spanish, which further enriched my experience.

4) Traveling solo will be easier

Half of your battles are won if you can speak the local language of the country you are traveling solo to. You wont need to dig into your phone and start the translator each time you wish to say something. Although, traveling solo isn’t that hard if you learn the basic words & phrases of each language, but certainly speaking a local language fluently goes a long way then just speaking the basic words & phrases. You can even understand if people are gossiping about you behind your back and who doesn’t want that? ๐Ÿ˜›


5) You will be able to understand the culture better

History and other information about a country or a city can be obtained from the internet in your local language but to understand the culture better language helps. The local language makes it easier to learn a plethora of things in a very short period of time. You will enjoy the local festivals, fests, matches, concert, nightlife etc if you live in another country for a long period of time. This will help you understand the culture better.

6) It will be an added feather on your CV

At the end of the day, when the interviewer sees your CV he will instantly want to hire you especially if you are a part of the hospitality industry. They are on a lookout for someone who can converse in the native languages with the other travelers & tourists visiting in our country. So why not go ahead with this?

food from all over the world

7) You will try a totally new cuisine

When you are in an another country you will definitely try out their cuisine. It is a great way to learn about another country and their culture. There is no better way to learn about a country and their culture while eating their food. Being a foodie, trying different cuisines helps me explore a new culture and gain an understanding of different palates, unique cooking styles, ingredients and more. Being in Spain gave me an opportunity to try their cuisine. 

8) It will help you grow intellectually

It takes effort for our brain to learn something new especially a language. Learning another language makes our brain work faster and is a great exercise to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It works like a stretching exercise for our brains, making it more adaptable and able to learn new things faster.

9) You get to stay in that city

Yes, learning a language takes time & you need to stay in that country for some period of time. After few weeks, you officially become a local and you can direct people to different places and experience local festivals & fiestas that happen from time to time, which in return expands your horizons.



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