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El Palmar: Discovering the origins of La Paella!

Trying the local cuisine of any country is one of the most enriching experience one can come across while traveling. It not only enhances our taste buds, but also helps us learn more about the culture of that particular country. Therefore, while traveling in Spain, I had gone to this small sleepy town of El Palmar, located in the South of Valencia. They say that the famous dish of La Paella originated from this small village which was more than enough for me to plan my day to El Palmar.

My first impressions about El Palmar was that the entire village was probably deserted as all the streets around this place were empty. There are no supermarkets, no hospitals and I didn’t find any shops either. Walking around this village bought us to a restaurant which was famous for Paella, for which we were here. On one side of the restaurant, there were green paddy fields which gave us the best views of the mountains and on our table there was the best Paella that we were tasting. After, the entire meal we came across an old fisherman who explained us how he catches fishes for the Paella. All in all it was a great day spent in the village of El Palmar.

La Paella


BY BUS:- El Palmar is located quite near to Valencia city center & can easily be reached by local bus. BUS No. 25 departs several times in a day and the nearest metro station located to the bus stop is ‘Colon’. This is a direct bus to El Palmar which departs after every hour and is mostly full during summer. By bus it would take around 1 hour to reach El Palmar.

BY CAR:- If you are going by car then it would hardly take 40 minutes to reach this  place. 

BY PLANE:- The nearest airport to El Palmar is the Manises Airport of Valencia. From there you can take BUS Nos:- 25, 95 & 150. The total time taken to reach between airport to El Palmar would be 2 hours.

El Palmar


  • Carry your own water bottles as you will not come across any shops in the vicinity, especially if you are going here during afternoon.
  • One needs to reserve tables beforehand as it gets fully booked in advance.
  • Paella can be ordered only for two people and costs 14 – 20 Euros depending on what type of Paella you order.
  • Half – a – day is enough for El Palmar, which you can club it either with El Saler or with Albufuera lake.

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El Palma


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