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10 free things to do on an International airport to kill time

We all had those days where we had to wait for hours on the airport either due to layovers, delayed/cancelled flight or for missing flights. At times waiting starts to get really boring, especially when the wait is for longer hours. If you’re one of those who is born to travel and find yourself waiting on airports for hours then here are 10 free things to do on International airport that’ll help you pass your time.

1) Window Shopping

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One of the free things to do on International airport is to go window shopping. Large international airports usually have shops in abundance & if you think that’s it then well you’re wrong. Some of the shops give free trails on their products to attract the attention of the customers. But we don’t have to buy them just look at them, try it on & hop on to the next store. 

2) Sleep

Whether you agree with me or not but the truth is, it’s pretty hard to get some sleep inside an airplane due to limited space & limited movements. Hence, it’s a great idea to sleep on the airport and get some rest on the chairs by using you hand bag as a pillow. Airport is one of the safest place one can get any sleep. However, still make sure that you wake up before your flight timings or else you’ll end up spending more time on the same airport.

3) Make your own memes

If you have a great eye for observation you’ll find that people or even things are often seen with awkward expressions or in strange situations. Click a picture quickly and start making memes. But hey don’t get caught!

4) Watch movies/series

This probably is one of the best time to catch up with a TV series or watch a movie while you wait for your flight. Make sure to get some of the movies or TV series in your phone before you start with your journey. Or else if you have access to WiFi or Internet then you can watch the same online. Who wanna Netflix & chill on an airport now? 

5) Make an airport vlog



You’re on an airport and want to share it with the viewers. Just make a video about the airport and about all the things one can do at that specific airport with either your camera or your phone & share it with the world. Sometimes people want to know more about the airport they are gonna land & who knows your video might be useful for them in some ways.

6) Start a conversation


An airport is usually never empty. There are people waiting for flights to different destinations. So go up to that stranger & initiate a conversation. You never know maybe they are also stuck on the same airport due to the same reason as you. It can be a great place to meet people & make new friends!

7) City tour


Some of the major airports in the world provide free tour of the city you’re in. That’s a great chance to check out a new country & the fact that it’s all for free. Here’s a post by a leading travel magazine about the airports that provide free city tours & also the requirements to get the same. What more do you want?

8) Plan your next adventure

free things to do on international airport

If you’ve got time to kill then definitely you should plan your next travel adventure on the airport. There are plenty of counters which can provide information about various destinations & maybe at times you can find such information which isn’t available on the internet. Then why not look for options and decide where you should go next?

9) Read books


One of the free things to do on International airport is to go into any book store located on the airport and to start reading. Some of the book shops provide flyers with an option to read while they wait for their flight. If you’re not comfortable doing the same then bring your own book & grab hold of a corner & start reading. 

10) Get clicked

If you think you are camera ready & awkward looks from strangers doesn’t bother you, then why not get a photo-shoot done on an airport. All you will need is a camera with self-timer, a tripod, a great background & well your style.

So here are some of the free things to do on International airport. Some of the airports like Changi Airport in Singapore offers extra activities over & above the ones mentioned above. Make sure to do a proper research about the airport you will spend time on. However, The above mentioned activities can usually be done on all the airports irrespective of the country you are in. I myself do some of them all the time while I’m travelling and believe me they can kill time.

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free things to do on international airport

11 thoughts on “10 free things to do on an International airport to kill time

  1. Airport time can be boring especially as the authorities and airlines seem to want you there earlier and earlier. Love window shopping and playing with the gadgets in the electronic shops.
    You could always dress up as pilots and get very drunk in the bar, just watch the faces of the other travellers.

  2. We always have so much time to kill as I stress about being late so am always super early. I can’t sleep in airports so it’s a mix of window shoping, catching up on blogging or social media, and reading. I’ve not managed to take a city tour but I like the idea.

  3. It’s amazing how many things you can actually get done in an airport. I love your idea of doing a photo shoot – you may as well use your time to the max, right?! I must admit, your point 2 about getting some sleep is pretty much the only thing I do when I’m on a layover 😉

  4. All fabulous recommendations – I do enjoy a nap, though have had some pretty close shaves in missing my flight doing that!! So I enjoy finding a lounge and catching up on my latest TV series / films. It’s a really great way to kill the time. Have recently heard that many airports are offering city tours for really long layovers though so will have to check further into this the next time I have a day layover. Thanks for the tip!

  5. This is brilliant, love all these ideas. I usually mindlessly look at social media but your ideas are way more fun and productive. Next time I’m at the airport I’m totally going to make me some memes!

  6. I had absolutely no idea that some airports offer free city tours! How cool is that?! I’m going to look into that for every single airport I fly in or out of now. That’s so perfect. I typically catch up on work (if they have free wifi) or read a book.

  7. Good list there! I would also add reading a book and/or write a blog post. I feel time goes fast when you are enjoying what you are doing.

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