checking flight tickets

10 free things to do on an International airport to kill time

We all had those days where we had to wait for hours on the airport either due to layovers, delayed/cancelled flight or for missing flights. At times waiting starts to get really boring, especially when the wait is for longer hours. If you're one of those who is born to travel and find yourself waiting on airports for hours then here are 10 free things to do on International airport that'll help...

Istanbul doesn’t have to be hard! (You can thank me later)

Finally, Istanbul it was. A city I was eagerly waiting to explore. Napoleon Bonaparte once quoted, "if the world were one single country then Istanbul would be it's capital". When I first heard this quote, I could not understand why would someone say that. In no time, I tossed this thought somewhere in the back of my mind and continued doing what I was then doing. Fast forward some years &...
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