Tsunami Island: How a natural disaster changed the history of Malvan!

“Wow”, I murmured while gazing out at the incredible view of the Tsunami Island. The guide continued to narrate the story at the background. He said “Tsunami Island had ripped apart the mother earth and since that day it stands tall overlooking the Arabian sea…”. My ears were hearing out the amazing story on the formation of Tsunami Island, while on the other hand I stared at the natural beauty that stood right in front of me. “Was this some sort of magic?” I asked myself.

One fine day in 2004, the sleepy town of Devbag located in the Malvan region of Maharashtra was at a complete loss of words when a mighty and beautiful island emerged out of the mother earth. The devastating Tsunami that took place in a year 2004 had left a beautiful blessing to the Malvan region in the form of an island that was eventually named as Tsunami Island. Since then Tsunami island has put itself on the tourist map and has changed the face of Malvan forever.

The beauty of this island is that one can set foot on the Tsunami island only during the low tide. Rest of the time the island stays submerged under the Arabian Sea and becomes almost invisible. This phenomenal characteristic of the island attracts visitors from all over India. Apart from that the only way to reach Tsunami island is to go by boat from Devbag village during low tide. There are plenty of spots in and around the island that one can visit from the boat on the way to the island that will make your trip worthwhile


What happens when two different water bodies meet each other yet does not mix into each other? Sangam or ‘confluence’ as it is called in English, is an attractive tourist spot where backwaters of Karli River and the Arabian sea meet. The water bodies just meet at this point but never mix into each other. This confluence of water bodies is glaringly visible to the naked eye making it popular nationwide. People from all over India visit Malvan to experience this unique gathering of water bodies. The meeting of emerald green Karli river with the ocean blue Arabian sea is a sight to behold in itself!


Meet the most social, helpful and friendly sea animal on the face of earth! It’s none other than the Dolphins that can be seen swimming near the Tsunami Island towards the open sea. Dolphins often dive with their fins out and only lucky ones get to witness the high dives of these wonderful sea animals. Although, luck plays an important factor while spotting dolphins but it is recommended to do the boat ride early in the morning for higher possibility of spotting these cuties.

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Malvan’s adventure hub is located bang on to the Tsunami island. Be it banana boat ride, Kayaking, jet skiing, Para sailing or boating, the locals have left no stone unturned to woo the visitors in Malvan. Apart from watching the sight seeing spots if any person wishes to get a taste of adventure then this island is a perfect getaway to get that adrenaline rush. The watersport activities can be experienced at an additional cost on the Tsunami island itself.


If you think Tsunami island is filled with crocodiles then fret not as that is definitely not the case. In reality the mountainous part of the Tsunami island resembles a crocodile thus making it an attractive sightseeing spot. With the head of the crocodile starting at one end of the island and its tail ending on the other end, the entire shape of the crocodile is undeniably visible from the boat. This uncanny resemblance of the beautiful island to crocodile can be seen only in Malvan thus making Malvan all in one package tourist destination in Maharashtra.


Have you ever had a snack in the half submerged shacks on an island? Well, Tsunami island offers the visitors an unique experience of a lifetime. Visitors can now enjoy their food and beverages in the middle of the sea with their knee submerged in the sea water. The sitting furniture and the table is tall enough to keep the upper body and food products dry. One can find simple foodstuffs like biscuits, maggi, candies, cookies. cold drinks, tea, coffee etc. Apart from food and beverages these shacks also sell swim wear, handkerchief, t-shirts, sunglasses and much more. Would you fancy shopping and eating in the middle of the sea?

Well Tsunami island surely is a all in one package destination. This island is ranked by Tripadvisor as Number 1 destination to visit in Vengurla. It comprises of beaches, mountains, adventures and history. Do you think you would visit this place? Let me know in the comments below.

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