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Making a quick halt at the Seven sister falls Gangtok!

Sikkim is one of those states which has several waterfalls all around the state. In every nook and corner you will find small streams or waterfalls adding to the beauty of the nature. It’s almost impossible to not make a quick stop at some of them. One such amazing fall is the seven sisters waterfall located in Gangtok. It’s exactly positioned on the outskirts of Gangtok on the Gangtok-Lachung highway. Hence, travelers can make a quick halt to admire the beauty of the seven sisters waterfalls. Generally, people visit these waterfalls after exploring gangtok for few days.

on the bridge

It’s said to fall in seven stages & that’s how the name derived: seven sisters. However, you can view only 4 of these stages. The rest of the stages are way higher and hidden between the nature & the rocks. Hence, making it hard to get a glimpse of the other stages. Not only that, it’s a great spot for photography & birding enthusiasts as well. You’ll find plenty of species of flora and fauna all around you along with the sound of the gushing waterfall. That’s why it’s a perfect place to make a halt from the twisty Sikkimese roads. The best time to visit these falls are during the rainy season or when the snow melts. It’s during this period that the waterfall comes to life. You will be able to see the falls in full swing, making it’s way from the top with full force.


The best part about this spot is that you can go really close to the seven sisters waterfall by crossing a small bridge. There are plenty of food stalls in the vicinity. These food stalls serve several delicacies. Also, to help people enjoy the beauty of this waterfall, the Sikkim Tourist Department has set up a waiting shed and cafeteria where you can take a break and shoot pictures. 

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10 thoughts on “Making a quick halt at the Seven sister falls Gangtok!

  1. The seven sisters waterfall looks amazing. So is it possible to climb up to the other 3 levels that you cant see from the regular bridge spots? Wonder how amazing they must be?

  2. I just adore waterfalls and this one is so beautiful, even though you can only see four of the stages. The photo of the bird looks amazing, I love how natural it all is, as I’d love to visit and really soak up the flora and fauna as you described!

  3. We so want to visit Sikkim and one of the reasons is this seven sisters waterfall. Have heard a lot about its beauty and now can see through your pictures. The waterfall looks huge and watching it from the close after crossing that bridge will be fun.

  4. What country is this waterfall in? I love hiking out to waterfall and could see myself stopping here. I would love to get some photos of these waterfalls.

    I bet this is a great lunch spot on this road trip.

  5. Lovely falls indeed. I haven’t yet been to Sikkim and these images are inspiring me to go there for the New Year’s eve now 🙂 Did you visit during the monsoons or is it always so green there?

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