Covid-19: Precautions to take the next time you travel

Travel has always been about being on the move. We travel often for life-changing experiences, to make memories, explore the vibrant culture or simply to gorge on the local food. Unfortunately, due to the recent global pandemic all our plans, bookings, flights etc. had to be cancelled which inturn encouraged us to explore the world from the comfort of our couches. Even though, corona is still quite active all over the world, certain countries have already announced several lucrative offers and discounts to attract visitors which makes us believe that once again travelling around the world shall soon be possible. However in order to have the best possible experience & to keep the virus at bay, here are some precautions to take the next time you travel:

Frequent washing of hands with soap

hands wash

Our elders always tell us to thoroughly wash our hands & legs once we return from outside in order to avoid sickness and to prevent the spread of germs to ourselves & to others. Novel corona virus is one such sickness that we can prevent if we frequently wash our hands with soap for at least 20 to 30 seconds within frequent intervals. Experts say that it is the most effective precaution that can help contain the spread of the pandemic. While travelling, our hands & legs get exposed to these germs without us even realizing it & hence the next time you travel please remember to wash your hands properly especially after heading home from any public areas like restaurants, sightseeing monuments, shared transport etc. to keep yourself safe.

Carry masks, gloves & sanitizers

It is most vital to always wear a well-fitted, breathable & re-usable masks, gloves and use effective santitizers which contains minimum of 65% alcohol content on your travels. A mask on your face has the ability to keeps the sickness, coughing & common flu away from your nose & mouth which becomes extremely helpful while travelling. Sanitizers on the other hand comes handy when soap & water are not available at that moment. For maximum effect, you must properly rub the sanitizer on your hands, between all the fingers & on both sides of your wrists. It is said that sanitizers are most effective when used in addition to diligent hand-washing. Gloves on your travels becomes absolutely essential to prevent your hand coming into direct contact with any infected object. However, try not to touch your face with them, and wash your hands after taking them off. One cannot always know whether such viruses are lurking around the corner to catch hold of us while we explore the city. Hence, masks, gloves & sanitizer is said to be the second best preventive measure to keep corona at bay after hand wash.

Avoid touching your face

Most of us sub-consiously touch our faces many a times in a day for several reasons like wiping off dirt or rubbing our eyes etc. To prevent coronavirus it is suggested to keep your face, eyes & nose away from your hands and also away from the touch of other people unless they have been thoroughly washed. If you are using gloves while travelling, it is advised to remove the gloves, wash your hand and then touch your face. The novel coronavirus has the ability to live in surfaces for long durations after it has been touched by an infected person thus increasing the chances of an infection if you touch your mouth, nose and eyes.

Use more of plastic money instead of cash

Internet banking, Credit & Debit Cards, cheques, UPI apps are your safest bet for the upcoming travel season as hardly anyone except for you comes in direct contact with it. Besides debit & credit cards are not just convenient to use but also easy to clean with a sanitizing wipe without any damage too thus making it less susceptible for the virus to spread. Also digital payment apps & internet banking helps in complete contactless payment thus containing the spread of disease even further. In light of the current pandemic, Travel companies, accommodation service providers, car rental services and even restaurants encourage cashless payment to enjoy their services. Although cash does comes handy, it recommended to use it in remote areas where digital payment services are yet to be reached as its continous circulation among the people might increase the chances of novel coronavirus infection.

Go offbeat

There are so many places yet to be explored in this world. So many unknown cities, unknown stories are yet to be written. Initially travel was only about visiting the popular places leaving behind those beautiful offbeat places right around the corner. It is only recently, that offbeat destinations have slowly started to make a comeback. This seems to be the best time to start exploring such unknown cities, villages & towns and putting them on the globe. Not only will it help you to stay away from the crowded spots in the main cities to prevent the spread of the illness but also you may have an plenty of sightseeing spots for yourself.

Invest in private vehicle than taking the public transport

If you intend to go on a short trip near to your city then it is advised to hire a private cab or to take your own private vehicle in order to reduce the chances of the corona virus infection and essentially maintain social distancing. Before you hire a vehicle on your next road trip, it is suggested to make sure that the rented vehicle has been appropriately santitized by the rental company. However on your road trip its vital to ensure to avoid taking pit stops near crowded spots and to interact with strangers only if its absolutely essential as doing these activities might increase the risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

Above are some of the precautions one should take to keep the virus at bay & to have a safe travels. However if you know any more such precautions then i’ll be happy to read them in the comments below. Let’s share our knowledge and create more & more awareness that’ll help us fight this global pandemic together.

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