Pelhar lake

Why is Pelhar lake a trending location amongst Mumbikers?

I was standing on the balcony watching the rays of the Sun when a sudden phone call distracted my attention. “I am feeling stressed at home, let’s go for a ride today”, she said on the other end of the call. I was surprised by this unexpected call but since it involved my favorite part i.e. travel and exploration, how could I even give it a miss? After a lot of contemplation we decided to head straight to the mesmerizing Pelhar lake. Oh boy what a day that was!

Pelhar lake or Pelhar dam is a one of a kind lake. Don’t believe me? Well you would if you see that is located on the top of a small hill off the the NH-8 towards the east at Vasai. A small hike of about 5-10 minutes through a narrow muddy lane covered by greenery on both the sides takes you right at the foot of this wonderful lake. The hike is not at all tiring but once you reach the top you would notice the majestic hills of Tungareshwar National Park that surrounds this lake from all the sides as if standing like a guard to watch over this aquatic beauty. Oh! and the best part? All this natural beauty is approximately 57 km away from Mumbai which takes about an hour to reach if you plan to visit this place in your own personal vehicle.


Pelhar dam

1) Pelhar lake is a rock earth structed dam situated in Vasai-Virar region which is a part of water supply unit to the nearby cities.

2) The dam was constructed across a tributary of the Amba river in the year 1975.

3) The dam is 26 meters high above foundation and 701 meters long in length.

4) This dam provides over 10 million liters of fresh water per day (MLD) to the Vasai-Virar area.



Lake near Mumbai

It is quite easy to reach Pelhar lake i.e. simply to follow the Mumbai – Ahmedabad Highway till Vasai and take a right turn near the HP Petrol Pump at Village Pelhar but this route is for those individuals who have their own personal vehicle and are coming from Mumbai. I would personally suggest going either on bicycle or on a two-wheeler not only due to the limited parking space around the entrance but also because the off-roads that are filled with boulders and bumps and surrounded by plenty of dairy farms. Passionate bicycle/motorbike riders who love to take up challenges would love riding on a road trip from Mumbai to Pelhar Dam.

If going by train then taking a tuk-tuk/rickshaw from Vasai East station would take around half an hour to reach at this location.


How to reach pelhar lake

The best time to visit this lake is during the monsoons months when the lake reaches it full capacity as a result of which it starts to overflow thus forming a mini dam and a huge waterfall thereafter. You will see friends, families and nearby locals enjoying their time in the gushing waterfall with all the happy smiles and fun especially on the crowded weekends.


  • Make sure to carry your own eatables as you will hardly find any shops near the Lake.
  • Please do not litter in the lake. Be a responsible traveller and believe in Clean environment – Green environment.
  • Please carry a cap and good hiking shoes whenever heading to this lake.
  • Swimming is not allowed as its the source of drinking water for the nearby areas.

Pelhar lake is truly an offbeat picnic spot near Mumbai. It is a bikers haven and is frequented by plenty of Biking & cycling enthusiasts. If you are looking for some off-roading adventure in your life then a ride to Pelhar lake is sure to satisfy your thirst.

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Pelhar lake or Pelhar dam

4 thoughts on “Why is Pelhar lake a trending location amongst Mumbikers?

    1. The roads to Pelhar lake are not in good conditions so visiting in a car is a safer option. Besides at the base of the lake there are cow and buffalo stables and they go out at certain times for a walk so its better to park in a safer area. Parking is limited in the sense that nearest parking space is near these stables itself. If you are okay with parking a little far away and walking then its not an issue but please don’t be demotivated go in your car and find a safer parking spot.

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