Top 5 offbeat beaches in Sindhudurg that are turning heads

‘Oh my God! This place is incredibly mind blowing! Am I in utopia or what?” those exact words played in my mind as one by one I headed out to explore the offbeat beaches in Sindhudurg. Imagine the swaying coconut trees, the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, the white powdery sand tickling your feet and a cool breeze blowing through your hair. It might look like one but no, it certainly is not a dream. Believe me! the quintessential beaches of Sindhudurg precisely offer these extraordinary sights worth beholding. The mysterious and beautiful aura surrounding these offbeat beaches certainly has the power to pull visitors closer to itself. Without a doubt, such magnificent effect of the places worked its magic on me too. I am not even kidding but in no time I fell in love with these beaches pretty hard and fast. Yes its absolutely true! In fact I am going to go on and on about what I felt there at that moment by starting with where exactly we can go to dip our delicate and bare feet in such spotless water.

1. Bhogave beach

Bhogave beach

Imagine an infinite stretch of secluded beach offering dazzling vistas of sunset and limpid waters of Arabian sea. The soft sound of the azure waves playing continuously just like an instrumental music that touches the soul without even whispering a single word. Welcome to Bhogave beach, an invaluable jewel in the crown of Maharashtra. Did you know? Bhogave beach was nominated for the iconic and challenging Blue Flag Certification which is one of the world’s most recognized voluntary awards for beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators. Yes it is that spotless! Apart from swimming in the pristine waters of the beach, one can also engage into activities like boating, yoga or just strolling through the rocks and forests right next to the beach. The peaceful atmosphere, the golden sand and magnificent waters is surely putting Bhogave on the map and is slowly attracting visitors from all over India. After all who doesn’t want to visit to feel one of the cleanest beaches in India?

2. Kille Nivti beach

Where on earth was I? A soft and gentle breeze was blowing towards me. The sky was changing its colours right from the shades of blue to pink and ultimately to purple. Matching the sky, the flawless sea water was changing its colours too as if the water was a giant canvas of the nature, painting its way through the mesmerizing evening. Everything at the Kille Nivti beach or the Golden Rock beach looked and felt magical. Yes such beach does exist in our Incredible India! but where can one actually find the tall golden rocks? It’s not at all far away. This isolated hidden gem is located at just about 10 km away from Bhogave beach just at the foot of Nivati fort. It was interesting to see that the gold colour of the rocks was evident to the naked eye and there was no one else on the beach. It is one of those peaceful beaches with no crowd and no watersports. It’s just you, the waves and the golden rocks! Believe it or not but Kille Nivati beach can easily compete with the beaches of Maldives as of today.

3. Khavane beach

Beaches have always been an amazing part of human life. The time spent at some beaches doesn’t move from hour to hour but instead it moves from one moment to another. One such breathtaking beach surrounded by a hillock in the Mhapan village of Sindhudurg district is Khavane beach. Do you believe that no matter how picturesque the beach is or how detailed the photo is, it is hard to capture the essence that some beaches really hold? Khavane beach surely falls into the category of such beaches. With fishermen boats lined up, limited food stalls, parking space and washroom facilities available, Khavane beach is one of those developed and clean beaches that only attracts a handful of people towards it. Once you are here, believe me time just stops and all you can think of is jumping inside the sea for a good swim. Yes, Khavane beach is perfect and safe for those who are interested to swim, so what are we waiting for? let’s go, shall we?

4. Kondura beach

kondura beach

Mother nature always happens to fascinate us humans, am I right? Its unparalleled beauty and majestic sights tend to take our breath away. To look around you and see the beauty of mother nature at it’s finest is a feeling we all like to experience. But to experience the wonderful Kondura beach, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is where exactly in Sindhudurg is this offbeat beach located? Well, the breathtaking Kondura beach is located at right opposite the Hindu temple in the Kalavi village in Vengurla taluka of Sindhudurg district. Let me tell you, this hidden Kondura beach is not for the faint-hearted. The off-roading experience on a steep dirt road with no directions in sight finally had brought me to this wonderful paradise. But upon reaching there, it was difficult for me to take my eyes off this beach. Yes! the entire afternoon that I spent there, I felt as if mother nature had rewarded me with its most beautiful painting placed right in front of me. What a fascinating experience that was! Would it fascinate you too to go the extra mile to explore a hidden gem?

5. Dabholi beach

Seriously? An offbeat beach just a stone throw away from one of the biggest city in the Sindhudurg district? At first I thought no way, that didn’t somehow sound right. I mean Dabholi beach could be frequented by plenty of people visiting or living in and around Vengurla. In reality and to my surprise the untouched and snowy Dabholi beach was just another treasure trove in the mystery that is Konkan. Blue-green waters, not a single person in sight and immaculate white sand just spread out miles and miles away, it surely was a sight for sore eyes. Walking across the beach, I stumbled upon a confluence of Arabian sea and a river only to find fisherman boat and some kayaks parked in the corner. There were sights of beautiful birds flying all over the shore, jumping from one tree to another. It was all just so perfect! Isn’t it exactly the kind of beach worth exploring?

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BY TRAIN: Kudal railway station is the nearest railway station from all the above mentioned beaches. Outside the railway station one can easily hire an auto for Rupees 600-700 to reach Bhogave Beach or head to Kudal bus depot, which is just 10 mins away by foot, for a ST bus to Bhogave. It is advisable to take the auto instead of the bus due to limited frequency of the bus and heavy luggage. If you intend to start your explorations from Bhogave beach then Bhogave – Kille Nivti – Khavane – Kondura – Dabholi should be your ideal route. That route is precisely what I had followed too.

BY ROAD: A road-trip starting from Bhogave – Kille Nivti – Khavane – Kondura – Dabholi route is the ideal way to explore the marvelous beauty of the beaches of Konkan. Another way to reach Konkan is to catch the Maharashtra and Goa state transport buses and private buses that ply regularly from Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and Satara upto Kudal or Vengurla city bus depot. If your intend to make Vengurla as your base then Dabholi – Kondura – Khavane – Kille Nivti – Bhogave should be your ideal beach exploration route. The best way to internally explore Konkan is either by hiring a private auto at a pre-determined price for the entire day or by hiring a two-wheeler for an approximate cost of Rs. 500/- per day.

BY AIR: Chipi Airport of Sindhudurg is the nearest airport to all the beaches however the launch of the airport is still under process and no flights have taken off or landed in the airport as yet. Meanwhile the second nearest airport is the Goa Dabolim Airport which is 122 Km from Sindhudurg. One can hire a private cab from the Goa Airport to reach these enchanting beaches.


Summer: The temperature rises up to 40 degrees Celsius during the day time during the months of February – May. The atmosphere mostly remains humid in well this period. If you are a mango lover then Summers is the classic time to head to Konkan to sit and enjoy the delicious and popular mangoes at these the offbeat beaches of Sindhudurg.

Winter: The most suitable time to visit Konkan for those who want to experience milder temperatures and less humidity are from October – January. The weather remains cool and dry during these months and will be comfortable especially for Westerners. This is the peak holiday season in Konkan as is in most other parts of India. The climate remains cool and humidity is also low at this time.

Monsoons: In the monsoon months of June to September the Konkan belt experiences heavy rainfall and the climate remains humid and warm. The temperatures range at around 30 degrees Celsius during this season. If heat and humidity and rains sounds too much, then it is advisable not to book the Konkan vacation package in these months. But a drive along the Konkan beaches during this season has a different appeal altogether!

Have you been to any of the offbeat beaches in Sindhudurg? Do you know any more such offbeat beaches? Share your experience in the comments below with me!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad you liked the post. Keep checking out this space for more 😀

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes they are absolutely mind-blowing and the beaches are pretty clean with seats to enjoy the mesmerizing views! I hope you visit these places soon as its definitely worth a visit 😀

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