Go ‘WOW’ at these monsoon locations near Mumbai! (Part – 2)

If you think you are done reading about the monsoon destinations in my previous part then you are wrong! People have lived all their life in this city yet area unaware of the existence of such beautiful spots nearby. But that’s okay as I have you covered. Find most of the places covered in the post below & in part one attached here:



Nestled right in the middle of the Sahyadri ranges, lies a planned city & a hill station named Lavasa which is a beautiful European like city. This place is accessible only by roadways and hence having your own vehicle to reach here is of extreme importance. In rainy season, one can see the mountain top of the surrounding sahyadri ranges hidden in between the clouds, making the entire atmosphere cool and green and giving us a splendid view of the mountains. The sudden drop in the temperatures cannot go unnoticed on this hill station which is an add on to the pleasant weather. Rainy season is the off-season here which makes everything (especially the stay) cheaper.

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We have always been told that the peacock dances in the rains but how many of us have actually witnessed this magical dance of these birds? Probably a few of us. What if I tell you that such a place exists nearby Mumbai where it is possible to witness this dancing animals. That is what morachi chincholi is best known for – The land of dancing peacocks. This place is situated near Pune-Ahmednagar Highway about 55 km from Pune and 180 km from Mumbai. This place makes for a great day trip for the outsiders as not only do they get to witness the dancing peacocks but also visitors can experience the life of the villagers with access to activities bullock cart rides, tractor rides, children park, rural games, bird watching, kandil nights, nursery, outdoor games, camping and much more. So what are you waiting for?

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Nashik is a popular city of Maharashtra rich with vineyards and filled with factories where the plants are converted into edible & enjoyable wine. Some of these vineyards allow access to the visitors for a minimum fee to come and witness the wine making process right from the farming till the end product. They take you inside the their factories and have several wine tasting sessions where they explain all the procedure from the start to the end. Later you can buy your favorite wine right from the factory at a cheaper rate. Go run & grab your wine from Nashik

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syntheri rocks

A city named Jawhar, lost amidst its counterparts, narrates a plethora of historical stories and houses a significant part of our historical heritage is located just a stone throw away from Mumbai in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. This city is popular for its Warli paintings and its tribal culture. The Jawhar state was founded by Raja Jayaba Mukne in 1343, with Jawhar as its capital and therefore the historical sights are inter-woven with intriguing tribal stories dating back years into the history of the ancient people which would enlighten you about their ways of life. You can find all things related to the tribal culture in Jawhar which is located at just 100 km from Mumbai.

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The famous Gondeshwar temple of Sinnar is a 11-12th century Hindu temple of God Shiva which is located in the Nashik District of Maharashtra. In the olden times, the kingdom of Sinnar was ruled by the Seuna or Yadava dynasty by their kings. The region progressed tremendously under the rule of the Yadavas. However, it met its unfortunate fate when Alauddin Khilji captured the Daulatabad Fort in 1294, thus leading to decline of the Yadava dynasty. The dynasty completely vanished after fighting in the war against the Mughals leaving behind the Gondeshwar Temple and some beautiful stories of the kings. If you are a history buff and wish to explore an off-track region, think no more & head straight to Sinnar!

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A hill station that doubles up as an adventure destination and is not too far away from Mumbai? Yes you read that right! Saputara lies in Gujarat and is only 5 hours away from Mumbai. This hill station hosts plenty of adventurous activities like bungee jumping, river crossing, paragliding and so much more. It is a great destination to pump up your adrenaline & indulge in some great fun with your friends or family. This hill station is also famous for its tribal culture and displays and sells tribal arts & crafts. Being so near to Mumbai, this place can easily be explored on a weekend. So go outside your comfort zone at Saputara and bask in some fun-filled adventure!

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Few kilometers outside of Mumbai lies a rather adventurous activity called as river rafting which is frequented by the adventurous junkies from Mumbai & other nearby cities. Yes, this sleepy village is none other than Kolad. Situated on the banks of Kundalika river, this village seems to be sleepy on the outside but will pump up your adrenaline in just few minutes as soon as you explore. The rainwater raises the level of water content in this river which is why monsoon is the best time to go river rafting here. Not just that, one can also perform other activities like rapelling, river crossing, ziplining etc. and take your day to another level of fun & adventure. I personally recommend you to reach a day before & stay overnight to experience camping, bbq, night jungle walk and other things as well.

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The best monsoon adventure is and will always be trekking in the Sahyadri ranges near Mumbai. One can visit Kanheri Caves, Karnala fort, Tungareshwar fort, Kothaligad fort, Kohoj Fort, Naneghat, Kalsubai peak and many such peaks during this season. Monsoon is the best time to indulge in trekking activities because of the lush greenery all around and pleasant cool weather which makes one feel rejuvenated & less tired. My suggestion would be to trek with the group as it is extremely dangerous to venture solo in such rugged patches and there are high chances of accidents and getting lost in the forest on your own. Besides these treks are only for a day and can easily be done on weekends.


  • You may also explore highly popular places like Lonavala, Khandala, Igatpuri, Malshej Ghat etc. but these places are highly crowded during the rainy season as the locals flock in heavy numbers to these cities.
  • While visiting all the places mentioned in Part – 1 & Part – 2 above, wear proper shoes & clothes and carry your raincoats & umbrellas to keep yourself safe in case of cloud burst.
  • Do not venture far deep into the water without proper safety gear and always ensure that the place either has adequate police protection or life guards in case of accidents.

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