Kelve Beach palghar

Activa Ride to Kelve Beach

We are so busy trying to explore the beauty of the world outside our countries, that sometimes we forget to explore the beauty which lies near to our own cities. Kelve is one such small town in the Palghar district in Maharashtra, which is not yet popular among the people. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway from the maddening crowd in Mumbai, I suggest you to go to Kelve beach.

 Following are the reasons why you should:

  1. This trip can be covered in one day (from Mumbai).
  2. Well connected by Roads and local trains.
  3. Cost can be as less as Rs. 500 for a day (incl meals).
  4. Very few people on the beach.

kelve beach palghar

Few months ago, we set out to explore Kelve beach without any plan, on the outskirts of Mumbai, in our vehicle. We started early in the afternoon without any direction, along the NH8 highway. While on the road trip, we saw plenty of scenic views full of mountains on either side of the road. The trip was full of happy moments consisting of songs, jokes and lots of laughter.

Kelve Beach Palghar

It took us 2 hours to reach Kelve beach, we were completely famished and started hunting for food. There were lots of options to hog on budget. After lunch, we wasted no more time and headed straight to the beach. Our first impression about the beach was the cleanliness, it was impeccably clean and people were enjoying in the water or riding camels and horses. Parallel to Kelve beach were plenty of coconut trees, with budget hotels hidden in between the trees for an overnight stay.

Kelve Beach Palghar

The beach was quite long so we walked till the end of the beach and soon just a little ahead, there stood the kelve fort. Although it was a fort, but it wasn’t exactly as huge as other forts we have seen in Maharashtra plus it was completely in ruins and even difficult to recognize. Since it was a fort and so we went inside just to get a glimpse.

After spending a good time at the beach, it was time to return back home. While on the way back we lost our way and eventually started heading deeper and deeper into the villages. The battery on our mobiles had drained out to use navigation and hence had to stop by to ask for directions. We asked a man for the directions & thankfully he was heading the same way. He helped us with the roads & assured us that we weren’t lost, and instead had taken a long route and it will eventually lead us back to NH8. We were like Phew! Few minutes later, we were back on NH8.

kelve fort palghar

Eventually hitting the main highway on our entire journey back, we talked about how scared and lost we were. How helpful the people are in this world. Also how memorable this day was!

Important Information for Kelve


by train : Nearest station Palghar and local transport available from there.

by road : If going by private vehicle use navigation app. 1.5-2 hrs to reach

Distance: 90 km approx.


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