Dahab : The jewel of Sinai

After hours of being seated impatiently & getting almost satiated with the journey, the quaint town of Dahab welcomed us with a huge signboard at entrance which read ‘Welcome to Dahab’. I immediately jumped to joy and left behind my lethargic feelings. After all, the red sea which peeped from the horizon, welcomed me with its sparkling charm. Indeed the beach has some sort of calming effect on the mind of an individual.



The first thing I paid heed to was the structure of Dahab, which was divided into two parts. On one side, there stood, rocky rugged mountains and right in front of it was the deep blue sea. Both the mountains and the sea ran parallel to each other and there I was, in the middle, completely bewildered. For a moment I tried to figure out whether this was for real or was this just a dream. What a sight to behold!

That evening we went quad-biking through those rugged roads of the mountainous area. After a series of twists and turns followed by whoops of laughter, we ended up in a shack where some people were dancing to the tunes of Arabic music and singing Arabic tunes. It was a perfect setting to enjoy some traditional music in Dahab. Some danced; others just enjoyed watching the others dance. I sat with a Bedouin Tea observing all the shenanigans happening around.

dahab red sea


The next day in Dahab was all the more exciting with snorkeling and trekking on the charts. Sitting in our gypsies, we headed off to the ever famous, 300 ft deep blue hole of Dahab which is a diving location with rich corals and colorful fishes. It was my first time to snorkel. That experience transmitted me to a completely new dimension filled with serenity and peace, where the living things co-exist without any kind of language. Not only did that hour gave me an unforgettable experience, it also taught me lessons which one can find only in the textbooks written by mother nature. Some lessons are experiences without words. Similarly with the trek to St Catherine that started the same night (more about the trek in the next post).



Dahab helped me to strike few things off my bucket list including waking up to the sound of the sea. And that is how we decided to spend our final night, just enjoying the moment then and there. Taking it all in. For sometime I did explore the local market, but I was longing to return back and just do nothing! There’s also some fun in doing nothing. Slowly the day turned into night and the moon, initially red in colour, changed into yellow and finally white. That night was magical and perfect. Not only for the three shades of moon on the same night, but also for the vibe and everything around. Nothing else could have been a perfect end to the adventures in Dahab.

Dahab market


Dahab is mesmerizing. It completely breaks the stereotype that Egypt is only about pyramids, Nile & desert. It has a Mediterranean coastline and the red sea. Well this country is so much more!

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