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Dabhosa Waterfall Resort: Young, Adventurous & Free!

He said yes! It truly was one of the best moment of my life. I couldn’t have been happier when I finally heard a yes. Don’t worry! This is not a love story post. Believe it or not but after plenty of cancellations, one of the cab driver had finally agreed to drive us down to the Dabhosa Waterfall Resort in Jawhar. Sometimes, I feel it would have been easier to convince your significant other than most of the rented cab drivers of Mumbai to drive you down till Jawhar but nevertheless one of them had finally agreed (Yes we were looking for a rented cab only!)

Constructed right opposite one of the highest waterfalls of Maharashtra, Dabhosa Waterfall resort is basically an adventure resort located off the Jawhar-Silvassa road in the Palghar District of Maharashtra. This resort along with the other adventure resorts was started by Nature Trails Resorts Private Limited (now a subsidiary of Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited) for families, groups, corporates and youngsters in the nearby cities of Mumbai, Pune & Gujarat with an intent to entice the nature & adventure lovers and to indulge non-adventurous population in the adventure activities.


The weekend was finally here and our excitement to try out all the adventure activities had multiplied immensely. Although the check-in at this resort was at 5.00 PM, I was excited right from the morning and just couldn’t keep myself calm. My eyes were glued to the clock and to my luggage till we finally commenced our road trip that afternoon. One of the things I really liked about the resort was their late check-in at 5.00 PM & late check-out at 3.00 PM on the following day only to ensure that guests could arrive comfortably & get enough rest before commencement of adventure activities on the following morning.


Upon our arrival after 4 hours, the staff ensured our smooth check-in at the gorgeous waterfall view room and briefed us a bit about the resort. Our enthusiasm mixed with hunger had crossed unprecedented levels especially after the tiring journey and with our growling stomachs the only thing we wanted to ask was “Is there something to eat?”. But even before we could ask, they welcomed us with evening tea/coffee, bhel, bread butter and pakodas. How delicious was their Bhel & coffee! We actually ate more than our capacity that day. (Psst! I secretly wanted to eat more but than dinner was next on the cards)

On that chilly night, me & my sister made utmost utilization of weak mobile network and absence of television in the room to head out for some indoor games like carrom & Table Tennis at the property. Nature made us feel at home and we were cut off from the outside world and from its constant connectivity. Infact our involvement in these games was so high that we didn’t realise how fast time had passed as it was almost dinner time!

After dinner, the resort manager introduced us to his entire team and briefed us about the tentative timetable for the next day. Thereafter we headed back to our rooms and although it was dark we could constantly hear the sound of the gushing waterfall throughout our time inside. It was at that moment it struck me that Dabhosa Waterfall Resort not only gives you high adrenaline adventures but it also gifts you the much required peace of mind which is otherwise difficult to find in the daily hustle & bustle of the city life.


waterfall rappelling at dabhosa

Our day began with the birds chirping and the sounds of the nature followed by a strange knock on the door. Half asleep, I went to open to door just to find our hot bed tea waiting for us. My eyes quickly glanced at the mesmerizing surroundings and I could clearly see the waterfall and the sunrise from the comfort of our room. As our room was located at the extreme end, we had a 180 degree view of the mountains, forest & the surroundings. What an unforgettable chilly morning that was! With hot tea just being the precise start to it.

It was now time to head out and grab the adventure with full enthusiasm and Burma bridge was the perfect beginning for the activity. The Burma Bridge consists of a thin rope to walk connected to two cables as the handrails. Burma bridge honestly was not scary but the main purpose of this adventure activity was just to increase the adrenaline rush in people.

Ziplining was right after Burma bridge. This activity is specifically done from a small hill nearby to the resort and one has to trek for few minutes to reach the starting point. At the start point, their team explained us the importance of safety and the types of equipments used to ensure safe adventures and the activity was demonstrated to us by their team members. The deep valley below scared the hell out of us but in the blink of an eye we also finished it thus making one think whether we actually did it so fast? It just took a minute to reach from one point to another and thankfully we didn’t fall. Phew!

dabhosa waterfall resort

The most exciting adventure i.e Rappelling was next and for that the resort staff took us through a dense forest trail at a height of 300 ft. above the waterfall. There the staff once again explained all the safety measure used and further demonstrated the activity with complete explanation of method. My highly adventurous sister volunteered to go first & I followed suit. As it was too steep, I hoped I could do it correctly as was demonstrated without injuring myself. Throughout the 15 minutes of rappelling my way down, I slipped a few times here & there but the constant guidance from their team members ensured that I was right back on track immidiately. This was the most thrilling adventure and also the most dangerous one amongst the others but after having done it, it was the most rewarding experience.

The last activity for the day i.e. Kayaking was conducted in the pond formed at the bottom of the waterfall. It was a two seater Kayak and hence me & my sister rowed in the Kayak for a good half & hour of our time. Many a times we dashed around the rocks & once it was so bad that the boat was about to capsize. Let’s just say we were lucky enough! We were extremely happy after experiencing all the activity yet sad as Kayaking was the last activity of our trip. With a very heavy heart we headed back to our resort through a good 20 minute trek from the pond and later checked out by 3.00 PM for our onward journey!


Mumbai Ahmedabad highway

BY AIR :-  Dabhosa waterfall resort is located in the interiors of Maharashtra and hence all the airports are situated quite far away from the resort. If you choose to go by air then your safe bet is the nearest Nasik airport which is situated at a distance of 115 km approx from the resort. Due to lack of direct public transportation from the airport to the resort it becomes convenient to book a private car/taxi in advance to reach this resort. For people travelling from other states, air travel is the fastest way to reach Dabhosa.

BY ROAD:- Normally visitors of this resort travel by road either in their own personal vehicle or in an hired cab. As its located on a hill in the interiors of Maharashtra, Dabhosa Waterfall resort is best reached by road. Not only is it convenient but also the resort staff recommends the same to their guests. We too had reached the resort with minimum hassle after having hired an outstation cab. However, if you wish to explore the public transportation then your other option (a bit time consuming) is to take a ST bus till Jawhar bus depot and thereafter hire a tuk tuk for further distance till the resort. My recommendation is to go by road as it is the most convenient & cost-effective to reach Dabhosa especially if you are travelling in a group.

BY RAIL:- Dabhosa Waterfall Resort can also be reached by railways with Dahanu being the nearest Railway station (for commuters on western line) and Igatpuri being the nearest station (for commuters on the Central line). Mumbaikars on the western line can either take direct local trains from Churchgate to Dahanu or take local train upto Virar and thereafter change into the shuttle trains starting from Virar uptil Dahanu. Thereafter from the station till the resort, one can either take a private cab or go by local transport till Jawhar bus depot followed by a hired tuk-tuk. Whereas central line commuters can take a inter-city train that halts at Igatpuri railway station for few minutes before their onward journey.


Kayaking at the Dabhosa Waterfall Resort

– Burma Bridge

– Ziplining

– 280 ft Rappelling next to the Waterfall

– Kayaking

– Ladder climbing (was sadly closed during our time)

– Night trails*

– Jungle Cooking*

– Campfire*

* seasonal activites subject to weather/availability.


dinner at dabhosa waterfall resort


As we made ourselves comfortable in the huge dining area, two thalis, each filled with 3 soft chapatis, 2 different yet spicy vegetables (brinjal & matki usal), tangy french fries, spicy chicken masala, rice, dal, papad & banana custard with the right taste & sweetness became a part of our table. Believe me guys when I say that everything served on the plate tasted absolutely D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S except for the Brinjal vegetable which was alright probably because it was a little oily. The rest of the dishes however took away the whole limelight. I wish I could eat this scrumptious dinner once again.


Their typical Maharashtrian breakfast buffet consisted of – Poha, fruits, Sheera, batata vada, omlette, bread butter & jam etc. Such a healthy & tasty breakfast made our heart & our morning extremely happy. I must confess that the chef surely knows his way around the guest’s taste buds. Although I ate in moderation due to the upcoming adventure activites, yet the taste of the breakfast just lingered on my tongue for quite a long time.


After indulging in all the adventure activities hunger striked back and we headed back to our dining hall where the hot food was served in a buffet style system. This time they had prepared soft chapatis, mouth watering bhindi & aloo vegetables, dal, rice, fruits, chicken masala, orange sonpapdi and other delicacies. One gets extremely hungry especially after indulging into all the adventurous activity and so we ate more than our capacity again this time. Lunch reminded me of the home cooked food. I wish I could have the whole experience once again.

Apart from the three meals above the resort also serves evening snacks and early morning bed tea for their guests which just adds more brownie points for their service.


dining hall at the Dabhosa Waterfall Resort

The Dabhosa Waterfall Resort is open throughtout the year and is situated at a secluded area inside a remote village. Around the resort one will not find much things to do except for the adventure activites inside the resort. Hence my suggestion would be to go during the winters or monsoons as the weather is pleasant and its the best time to also indulge in adventurous activites without much exhaustion. Avoid the hot & humid summers as even the weather would not be in your favour during the adventurous activities.


Number: +91 8080809536 | +91 2249422000

Email: dabhosa@naturetrails.in

Website: Click here for official website


Waterfa;ll view room at Dabhosa Waterfall Resort

– Ample parking space is available at the resort for your vehicles. They also provide warm blankets to drivers during the cold nights.

– People generally between the age of 12 to 65 years are permitted to undertake all the adventure activites at the resort.

– They also organize day trips for groups which includes all the adventurous activites and meals but a day trip may get hectic & tiring especially if you have come from a faraway city. Hence, my suggestion would be to experience their overnight stay for a mix of adventure & relaxation.

– The accommodation is quite basic. There are 2 dormitories & 11 cottages for the guests. The room consists of a bedroom, a table with chairs & a basic bathroom with soap & towels. There is no TV, cupboard or any fancy interiors. So you’d be disappointed if you are looking for a fancy stay.

– Be careful with kids especially during trekking as pathway maybe slippery and broken at many places.

– Campers can rejoice as the resort provides large place to pitch your own tents in the resort for a small fee.

– Check in time during weekends (Friday & Saturday) is fixed i.e. 5.00 PM however on weekdays you might get an check in at 12.00 noon subject to the availability.

– It is of utmost importance to wear comfortable clothes while adventure activities. Hence it is recommended to wear comfortable t-shirt, full pants & shoes with good grip. It is advisable to avoid saris, shorts, slippers, heels and jewellery etc. for all the adventure activities.


The resort is not only budget-friendly but also gives full value for your money. It’s a great place to bond with your family, colleagues or groups. Right from their delicious food, their helpful staff, the cozy rooms and the guided adventure activites, I absolutely loved my time at the resort however missed out on ladder climbing as it was closed. I would however recommend them to start with a pick-up & drop service from Jawhar bus depot for more convenience to their guests. Overall it was a great stay and would absolutely recommend my readers to visit this resort atleast once. If I were to grade as per my experience I would grade them as 4.5/5

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As always, all opinions are my own and I would never post about something I have not personally used/verified.

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    1. I am delighted to know you liked this post. This encourages me to put more alike stuff. Thank you for your thoughts Shweta & I hope you & your loved ones will visit this resort sometime in the near future 🙂

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    Your blog is just an AMAZE! ❤️

    1. Thanks a lot Himesh! I am glad to know you had a wonderful experience there. Also the fact that Dabhosa Waterfall Resort is located so close to Mumbai, Thane & Gujarat makes it a resort worth experiencing 😀

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