Are you born to travel? Find Out!

‘Travel’ a word which has inspired many people around the world to live outside their comfort zone. It is that inspiration which helps you explore your capabilities. I’m sure there are many of us who now & then think about leaving everything behind and taking the plunge. The plunge into the unknown land and self-discovery. And then there are others who are happy spending their life behind a cubicle. Check out some of the instances below & see whether you are born to travel or not.

If most of the answers you give are a ‘yes’ in that case congratulations! You are in fact born to travel:


1) You keep checking the prices of the flight tickets:

Whenever you find that you have some free time, irrespective of your place, all you do is fire up that computer or laptop and start searching for prices of flight tickets to Egypt or Spain or India or any other country whichever you prefer.

checking flight tickets


2) You have stopped wasting money on unnecessary things:

Small expenses now & then add up. You have realized this and hence you have given up spending on unnecessary things to save for travelling. Giving up on junk food & alcohol or gym membership are some of the examples.

born to travel Tanderlust


3) You can name the country by just looking at the picture:

Oh that is Santorini! This movie is shot in Sri Lanka! That hot air balloon is in Cappadocia! This is how you react when you either watch movies or go through photos. People gasp at the amount of knowledge you have gathered & also the passion you have towards travelling the world.

Pyramids of Giza


4) You love all religions because they bring festivals & festivals bring holidays & holidays bring long weekends:

You are completely updated with the schedule of the long weekend in the coming months and probably must have planned the places in advance (far or near). Not only that you have already finished booking everything in advance because Hey! you don’t want to waste your long weekend sitting at home & dreaming or maybe even crying!



5) You think meeting strangers is more important than meeting relatives

Meeting strangers is always fun because they don’t judge you & importantly do not keep pinning you to get married or ask about your results (Unlike relatives).



6) You know basic words from all the languages

Hola! Bonjour! Namaste! Hello. If you are born to travel, you make an effort to learn basic words of a language before you start on that journey. And hence, no matter in which country you visit, you already know the basic words in that language which helps you to travel.



7) Travel Encyclopedia is how everyone describes you:

No matter whichever travel related question is asked, you are already ready with an answer and hence your nick name goes like Travel Encyclopedia or Travel Guidebook.



8) And because you’re an Encyclopedia, your friends ask you reviews about different places

You are bombarded with questions of different places because people know you as a traveler. And the best part is that they trust your words, when you review any place & activity.



9) You have made friends in all the countries that you have been:

Religion, nationality and such factors does not matter to you since you only believe in Humanity over anything.


10) Your social media accounts are your travel albums:

Your instagram, twitter and facebook is all covered with pictures from different destinations.

social media


11) And lastly, you wish to have a job which will pay you to travel across all 7 continents:

Who doesn’t wish to live the life of a digital nomad?


So are you born to travel? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share!

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