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Making a splash at Bentota!

Imagine having your feet curled-up on the scrunching sand, with a vast landscape of Indian ocean extending till the horizon and the sun gleaming with all its glory! Probably that would be an almost precise description to this alluring coastal town of Bentota. Located in the southern coast of Srilanka, Bentota beach can simply stir all the beach bums, just in one gaze.

It was time to hit down south, to soothe into the crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean. The landscape slowly changed from different shades of green to varied shades of blue as we drove by the coastal towns. Also the sun, showing off its varied hues was mesmerizing.

Bentota Coconut tree Sri Lanka

By the time we reached Bentota beach city, it was the time for lunch and we were famished. Right after checking in, into our accommodation, we were looking for food. Opposite to the beach, there were plenty of restaurants and cafes, so that’s where we headed to try out some srilankan mouth-watering seafood (and it didn’t disappoint!). After a fulfilling lunch, we headed off to see those magnificent corals and colourful fishes under the Bentota beach. We were amazed by the underwater beauty. Like literally!

sea food bentota sri lanka

I am sure that after reading this description, you would have figured out, how beautiful the beach must have been. Yes it exactly was like that! Therefore, we spent plenty of time twisting and turning in the sand, taking sun bath, splashing water and every other possible thing one could do. As much as the colour, we were baffled as to maintenance of the beach.

bentota beach

Apart from the beach, if you wish to do something more in Bentota, head over to the turtle farm located in Kosgoda. This was our next stop and it was worth it! The care taker explained us how they help the turtles grow right from the time when they are babies till they grow into adults. Right from the time, the mother turtle lays eggs, these caretakers carefully keep them under the warm sand until they hatch. After this, based upon their age, they’re segregated into many of the swimming pools constructed for them till they grow old after which they’re then left inside the Ocean all by themselves! It was fun playing with these tiny Olive Ridley turtles ! Also they have many breeds of turtles like Howksbill turtles, green turtles and loggerhead turtles.

turtle farm sri Lanka

Another thing one can head over to is the Madu river. Which was one of our stops on our visit to Bentota!  It’s a relaxing river safari where one passes through several small islands and forests. All you have to do is sit back in the boat and look around! Although the views of Madu river and the islands are great, this boating can be skipped if you’re lacking time!

The sri Lankan coast has those blue beaches, one always wishes to live by. Life is beautiful near the beach! Also, we took a lot of Vitamin Sea before going back!


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