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5 places to visit in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo, the capital, lies in the western part of Srilanka. Initially this country was named as Ceylon, which was later changed into Srilanka. Colombo is a mixture of varied cultures due to its history consisting of various rulers, who ruled this city due to it’s vitality as a trade location.

Places to visit in Colombo :

  • Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

Gangaramaya temple is located in the heart of Colombo and is near to Beira lake. This Temple covers a huge plot of land within which there is a library, museum, several halls etc. It is a spiritual place, which demonstrates the Buddhist culture and its architecture is one of a kind. The meditation center of this temple is located in the center of the Beira lake.

Gangaramaiya temple colombo sri lanka

·         Beira lake

Beira is a Portuguese word which means bank shore and was named during the Portuguese rule. This lake is a heaven for bird watchers as there are variety of birds. And is one of the strategic location to spot the flora and fauna in Colombo. Also it’s best of both world as it gives one the feeling of being close to the nature, in a commercial city. However, due to commercialization, this lake has reduced overtime and shows a rising level of pollution.

beira lake colombo

·         Kelaniya Temple

Another Buddhist temple also called as Kelaniya Temple, which is located on a distance from the Colombo city centre is said to be dated back to 500 BC. There are various images, paintings and statues of Gautam Buddha inside this temple which is said to reflect the life of Gautama Buddha. Also, it imbibes varied teaching of Gautam Buddha.

kelaniya temple colombo

·         Battaramullah

One of the vital suburbs in the capital city, this suburb is an epitome of many Governmental offices. Also, this suburb houses various branded shops for people looking out for shopping in Colombo.


·         Good market Colombo

The good market of Colombo is a huge market place where one can shop for necessities for home. There are several fish tanks within this market and can also be called as an open aquarium where people can look at all types of fishes for absolutely free of cost and maybe even buy them as pets. After a tired day, one can head here to sit and relax and watch the surroundings while enjoying a delicious meal from the local cafes.

good market colombo


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