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best places to stay in Egypt

If you are looking for best places to stay in Egypt, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find a compiled list of places to stay depending upon whether you are solo travelers, a couple, or a group of friends or family. Egypt has plenty of accommodation options and choosing among them can be a challenging task. I get a lot of queries from people on which parts of Egypt I would recommend. But they fail to mention their budget and their preferences i.e whether they wish to see the beaches or history or simply visit the pyramids. Hence, to putRead More →


Egypt is so much more than just desert. They have beaches, mountains and so much of history. If you’re planning to visit Egypt anytime soon, then look below as I have complied a complete travel guide. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Passport, Visa and Travel Insurance. Egyptian pounds ( Currency of Egypt) Basic Arabic ( READ BELOW FOR BASIC PHRASES) BEST TIME TO VISIT: Egypt witnesses some extreme temperature due to its proximity to the Desert. Therefore summers are very hot and winters are extremely chilly. October to March is the best times to visit Egypt. Avoid visiting between June – September. Due to summers and also its theRead More →

luxor aswan

Egypt is one of those countries which contain one of the age-old civilizations in the world. It is a delight, for the history buffs as well as for the others, to contemplate the ancient architecture and get woven into the ancient tales of the kings & queens & pharaohs & sphinx. Luxor and Aswan are two such cities which consist of ancient temples and give a major part towards understanding the ancient Egypt civilization. Therefore, if you plan to visit Luxor and Aswan, here is the list of top temples you should visit: 1) Luxor temple The first temple you’ll visit on your travels to the ancientRead More →

khan el khalili

My Trip of exploring the history of Egypt began with Cairo, which also happens to be the capital of the country . Also called as the largest city of Africa, Cairo has a blend of both, modern as well as historic culture, and there is definitely no shortage of things to do here. Here is a quick post on some of the top things to do in Cairo, Egypt :- 1) Marvel at the Pyramids : one of the wonders of the world I urge you to visit the pyramids when in Egypt. It is truly a spectacular creation of the ancient Egyptians (Yes, they aren’t built by aliens) which willRead More →

The first thing that popped up when I first heard about the city of Alexandria was whether it was related to Alexander the Great. A little bit of research cleared my doubt that yes he discovered this city. Excited as ever to visit and experience a new city, we set forth for our next big adventure: Alexandria. Just four hours drive to the north from Cairo, the landscape of the city changed entirely as we reached Alexandria. The Mediterranean coastline appeared from behind the huddle, giving this city a distinct appearance. As we moved parallel to the coastline, it connected me to Mumbai, specifically MarineRead More →

After hours of being seated impatiently & getting almost satiated with the journey, the quaint town of Dahab welcomed us with a huge signboard at entrance which read ‘Welcome to Dahab’. I immediately jumped to joy and left behind my lethargic feelings. After all, the red sea which peeped from the horizon, welcomed me with its sparkling charm. Indeed the beach has some sort of calming effect on the mind of an individual.   The first thing I paid heed to was the structure of Dahab, which was divided into two parts. On one side, there stood, rocky rugged mountains and right in front ofRead More →

Nile Cruise

Exploring the ancient Egypt started with an overnight bus from Cairo to Luxor and then hopping on to the Nile cruise from Luxor. Distance between the ancient cities of Luxor & Aswan can either be covered by road or by a Nile cruise. As I hadn’t been on a cruise before, I was excited to go with the latter. It was a small cruise with modern facilities, rooms to stay, with staff to cater to the needs of travelers. The Nile cruise consisted of four decks : the lower deck had a large dining area, the middle two decks had lots of rooms to stay alongRead More →