Meeting old friends in Turkey!

Meeting old friends in Turkey!

As Aristotle has rightly said “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies”. One of the best part of traveling is making friends from all over the world. The other best part is being able to meet the same friends once again in their country. That’s what exactly happened with me. I was not only traveling around in Turkey, but also was meeting old friends who lived in the different parts of this country.

Meeting old friends ~ Tanderlust

All of this friendship started back when we met in Cairo, Egypt in July 2015. Those were the days when we had lots of fun & also promised each other that we would meet soon again somewhere in this world. At that moment no one knew that I would be traveling to Turkey the very next year and meeting all my friends again.

The first friend I met was Asli. She was eagerly waiting for me at the bus station in Eskisehir. As soon as we met, we were just jumping with joy (quite literally!). To be very honest neither of us thought that I would go to Eskisehir. Yet there I was, starting with my Turkish adventures from this off-beat city. The next friend I met was Basak, who invited me over to her house to host me. She is apparently the most hospitable friend of mine as she prepared dinner & breakfast, took us out on a walk, played games and many other things. And last but definitely not the least, I met Kaan & Aysun, who took me around various places which are hidden away from the public. We had so much fun just talking & eating!

Meeting old friends ~ Tanderlust

Everyone I met could not stop talking about the old times & how time literally flies so quick. Good times go quick they say. Yes, it indeed does. At one moment we were in Cairo & now one year later I was there in Turkey. You never know how your life would turn out to be as it’s impossible to predict the future. The best part is that friends never judge you, whether you meet them after days, months or years. Also, friendship definitely doesn’t depend on the distance, it’s all about how you look at it. 

Although, it was a new country, new language and new culture, but for me, I felt as if I was going back home. That’s what meeting old friends make you feel. At Home. At no point in time I felt as if I was a stranger, walking down the strange roads. 

This post is for all you guys, thank you for making everything so memorable!

P.S : While meeting old friends, I wish I could meet all of them. One of them was not in the country at that point of time. But hey! no issues we will meet again someday 🙂


  1. Tanviiiii!! Promise to meet somewhere soon! Our friendship is continued forever! I love you and miss you so much <3

    1. Author

      Yes Aysun! I promise! love you too 2 miss you 2 my friend! <3

  2. It’s so nice to meet old friends and yes, you will meet again. Looks like you had so much fun

  3. Such a great post and so awesome that you remain in contact!

  4. So true! That’s what makes traveling worthwhile. Meeting new people then meeting them again! Oh how I miss the friends I made while traveling.

  5. Some of my best travel memories are the interactions I have with others- nice when you can turn those into a friendship!

  6. One of the best things about travel is making new friends and visiting or hosting the old. AKA free accommodations exchange 🙂

  7. That definitely is one of the best things about traveling! And its so amazing to meet like-minded people who become your friends for a lifetime. Lucky you!

  8. Oh, I love this post! Making new friends and visiting old ones is always the best part of traveling! Glad you got to see some of the people you care about!

  9. One of the fun things about travel is meeting new people to become friends, and your experience is even better after traveling around and meeting again!

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