Dahab is not only well known for the pristine beaches but also it is home to the tallest mountain of Egypt i.e. Mount Sinai. Situated at an elevation of approximately 7,500 ft, Mount Sinai attracts plenty of trekkers from diverse regions of the world. It is one of those places which offer picturesque view of the surrounding mountain ranges coupled with an amazing sunrise.   Conquering Mount Sinai for me was more about the journey to reach the summit than the summit itself. Being a slow trekker, who needs to stop at intervals to click photos & catch her breath, it took me a little longerRead More →

khan el khalili

The cabin crew announced, ” Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Cairo International Airport. Local time is 11.05 am and the outside temperature is 35° Celsius.” As it was my first solo trip, mixed emotions and many questions about the country and it’s people kept me occupied. The only thing I was certain about was the weather. How are summers in Egypt? Well they are too hot, but since I love to travel off-season (most of the time) I couldn’t complain.   Cairo was covered in shades of golden and brown in the morning and by night, the same city seemed like a disco, where people were partying onRead More →

white desert

One evening my friend asked me, ” Tanvi do you want to come with us to the black and white desert? ” This question sounded exciting and without giving it another thought I accepted the offer. It was going to be the start of something new in the Egyptian desert.Read More →