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Is Turkey Safe?

I get strange stares from people when I tell them that I traveled to Turkey. This stare is usually followed by questions like, “Is Turkey safe?” “How did you manage to travel in the current situation?” and something of that sort. Well, I guess you got a basic idea of what sort of questions I am bombarded with. Yeah! questions about safety. Also, no matter how many times I answer, the stares keep coming. Hence, I have decided to write a post & answer this question once & for all. Now, the next time someone asks me, I’ll only be sharing this link. Obviously, oneRead More →

‘Travel’ a word which has inspired many people around the world to live outside their comfort zone. It is that inspiration which helps you explore your capabilities. I’m sure there are many of us who now & then think about leaving everything behind and taking the plunge. The plunge into the unknown land and self-discovery. And then there are others who are happy spending their life behind a cubicle. Check out some of the instances below & see whether you are born to travel or not. If most of the answers you give are a ‘yes’ in that case congratulations! You are in fact born toRead More →

As Aristotle has rightly said “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies”. One of the best part of traveling is making friends from all over the world. The other best part is being able to meet the same friends once again in their country. That’s what exactly happened with me. I was not only traveling around in Turkey, but also was meeting old friends who lived in the different parts of this country. All of this friendship started back when we met in Cairo, Egypt in July 2015. Those were the days when we had lots of fun & also promised each other thatRead More →

travel quotes

Admit it! We have come across some travel quotes which are used repeatedly on so many social media sites and on images as captions, that it literally feels over-used. Whenever, we type travel quotes on Google all we come across are the same travel quotes over & over again. Hence, I have taken the initiative to compile a list of such travel quotes which are not used so often. Go ahead & choose one as your next caption. 1) “I can speak to my soul only when the two of us are off exploring deserts or cities or mountains or roads.” ~ Paulo Coelho 2) “WhereasRead More →