Turkish People hosting an Indian girl

One of the most enriching experience that I had been living with the Turkish people. I must agree that Turkish people are one of the most hospitable people you will meet while traveling in Turkey. They treat their guests with so much love & care that it is bound to leave your heart touched. And I got this chance to live with Turkish people not once but thrice during my time in Turkey. And I was delighted.


My first experience was right in Eskisehir where my friend hosted me for two days before I embarked on my journey. I was almost homeless when she came in and asked me that I could stay with her for a couple of days. I instantly agreed. She was living in a student hostel as she was studying in this city but was originally from another place. She also gave me her bed which was so generous of her. We both had fun in her apartment cooking Indian food, talking, going for walks and did many more things for those two days. I’m so glad I met her there in Turkey & she is more than a friend to me. She is like my sister.

With my friend in Eskisehir


I lived with a host family in an offbeat city called as Salihli, which lies in the Manisa province, almost 1 hour by road from Izmir. We had been there to meet our friends and to spend some time with them. Although, we had no plans of staying there over-night, we ended up staying with one of the families. They offered us to stay with them & we immediately accepted the offer. It was just too late to go back to Izmir and we wanted to spend some more time with them before we were back on our journey.

The very first day we went to one of the historical site and then ended up having a small barbecue picnic outside the town in a small garden. I really cannot remember the last time that I went on a picnic like that. It was just the perfect way to spend an evening with everyone. Gathering, talking, playing & finally eating.

The next day we started with the breakfast, where I ate one of the best home-made cakes ever: the German cake. No one knows why it’s called the German cake. The host family had baked it but I couldn’t stop eating it. After that, we headed to a tiny village called as Caberkamara Koyu, the hometown of our host, to meet with his family & for lunch. He had a farm full of grapes with all kinds of variety. Laughing, playing and eating fresh grapes directly from the grapevines was exactly how it was. I remember that my friend, who is absolutely crazy about fruits, was overjoyed looking at the farm. She couldn’t stop eating & clicking pictures of the fruits in various angles. Personally, I had never been to a grape-yard before and it was the first time I had experienced something this amazing. 

Later that day, the lunch almost made me nostalgic as it was after weeks that I had eaten something home-made. It instantly reminded me of Indian home-made food (Maa ke haath ka khana). Nothing beats home-made food cooked by mothers/fathers. Everyday eating in a café, restaurant or rather cooking by myself had kind of made me sick of outside food. Hence I savored each & every bite with utmost satisfaction. After such a hearty meal it was time to bid adieu to such a remarkable experience. We left with so many promises of meeting each other again sometime in the future. Why does good times always comes to an end? Sigh! Nevertheless, I really wish to meet them again sometime.

With Turkish people in Caberkamara manisa Turkey


The, second, and the most bewildering experience I had been in Yalova, when an old friend invited me to stay with her family. We met each other almost after a year & i couldn’t have been any happier. She picked me up from the bus station & took me to her house. All along the way, we were reminiscing our time when we had first met in Egypt and talking about our experiences there. On reaching, we were thrilled to see the view from her house. There were swimming pools, beach and plenty other activities to do in her complex.

Soon after we headed straight to the beach for the spectacular sunset. It was windy and the sky was changing colors every minute. It was a sight to behold. One of the best sunsets I had seen in Turkey. We talked a lot & clicked plenty of pictures & then headed off for dinner. It was another home cooked meal for dinner & that reminded me of Indian home-made food once again (maa ke haath ka khana). It was so delicious that I couldn’t stop eating even though I was so full. Later with a food baby, we walked around the complex with an ice-cream (there’s always room for dessert). That night we played the ever-famous Turkish game: Okay. Yeah! that’s the name of the game ‘OKAY’. The next morning, my best friend prepared delicious breakfast for us and later we all headed off to the pool for a swim & some relaxation.

I was here for just one day but I wish I had stayed longer.

We are crazy


Turkish people are really very kind and hospitable. They treat their guests with a considerable amount of respect and within no time you feel at home when you are with them. Not only as a guest but also as a traveler I received lots of help, warmth & love from strangers even when we both couldn’t speak each other’s language. Humanity is the only religion they say. They say the truth. 

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